Brain Cupcakes Recipe for Your Favorite Zombies (VIDEO)

brain cupcakesBrains. BRAINS! Halloween zombies want brain cupcakes! Gross out your little trick-or-treaters with this deliciously ghoulish cupcake decorated with brain-like frosting. It's easier than it looks. Just pipe on that brain-colored frosting on any flavored cupcake, though we think red velvet makes the best brain cupcake. We've hunted down the recipe and a how-to video right here.


Brain Cupcakes Recipe via Epicurious



1. Line cupcake tins with the liners. Fill the cupcake liners two-thirds full with the batter and bake the cupcakes as directed in the recipe.

2. Mix a drop of red and black food coloring into the frosting to make it a pinkish gray brain color.

3. Using the pastry bag, pipe the frosting in a squiggly pile on half of each cupcake top (brains have two hemispheres, you know). Now pipe the frosting in a squiggly pile on the other half of the cupcake top.

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I love how quick and easy Mellorsah on YouTube makes this look!

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Image via Shauna Younge Dessert Tables/Flickr

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