Peanut Butter Recall Expands to Millions of Peanuts: Here's the Latest

peanutsFirst, peanut butter -- now peanuts are being recalled for a possible salmonella outbreak. An extension of the recall that initially began with Trader Joe's peanut butter and more than 240 peanut products, two million pounds of whole peanuts by Hines Nut Co. -- linked to a New Mexico peanut supplier called Sunland Inc. -- are being pulled from shelves. The bags of salted jumbo in-shell peanuts have been distributed nationally in supermarkets like Wal-mart and Dollar General stores from April 12 to October 12, say FDA officials.

Definitely freaky to think that the contaminated nuts were being sold for such a long period of time. Thankfully, there have been no reports of illness associated with the Hines nuts (that we know of, of course). But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there are now 30 illnesses in 19 states that can be traced to the Trader Joe's peanut butter. Here, the scoop on which peanuts are being recalled ...


The packing info on the affected peanuts begins with the words 'BEST BUY.' The recall lot numbers are as follows, located on the fourth line of the 'BEST BUY' statement:

S03718, S03699, S03724, S03753, S03765, S03784, S03798, S03806, S03810, S03824, S03826, S03840, S03863, S03886, S03907, S03928, S03933, S03938, S03950, S03958, S03967, S03972, S03978, S03989, S03991, S04012, S04025, S04042, S04054, S04066, S04097, S04109, S04123, S04134, S04141, S04141, S04165, S04200, S04201, S04211, S04229, S04236, and S04247.

A full list of recalled products can be found here.

Officials are saying that consumers who've purchased the peanuts should not eat them -- um, duh? -- and return them to the place where they bought them.

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Even if you don't eat regular peanuts, this is a sign we've got a serious problem with the way our food is being regulated. It's scary because we can't even necessarily know the extent of the possible contamination. And just because there have been no reported illnesses doesn't mean that people aren't getting sick -- or dealing with symptoms that aren't being diagnosed. Guess all we can do in the meantime is stay on top of recall info -- and steer clear of potentially tainted peanuts.

Does this recall worry you?


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