Woman Denied 'Breastaurant' Job Because One Body Part Didn't Fit the 'Costume' (VIDEO)

tilted kiltPoor Jennifer Rogers. All she wanted to do was serve burgers and beer at the sports bar Tilted Kilt. She had the skills, the experience, and she aced her interviews. And then ... she tried on the the uniform. Jennifer did not fit into the kilt, so she was not hired as a Kilt Girl.

And the restaurant got away with not hiring Jennifer because they refer to the position as an "entertainer" not a waitress, and because they call the uniform a "costume," and because a federal law allows restaurants to discriminate against employees who do not fit their brand image. In Tilted Kilt's case that would mean "attractive, intelligent, and having outgoing personalities." Hm, come to think of it, kinda seems like Jennifer "fits" the branding just fine.


All except for that fitting-into-the-kilt part. There are laws against discriminating against employees based on weight, so maybe Jennifer has a case. As for why she doesn't just apply at some other restaurant -- it probably has something to do with the ridic tips women often get at these "breastaurants." And really, if you're working at a breastaurant, why does your hip size matter, anyway?

I don't know. I think this whole breastaurant industry is kind of an unworkable trend, ultimately. If Americans are getting larger -- and by the way, the Tilted Kilt still hasn't filled all its Kilt Girl positions -- maybe someone needs to re-think the formula? Says the woman who is so totally not the target demographic for breastaurant industry, so who cares what I think ...

I get it. These restaurants are not for me. But honestly, I just think the owners need to be a little more flexible about this kind of thing. In fact, I bet there are plenty of diners who actually prefer women Jennifer's shape. But can we all remember -- it's a restaurant! Where you get FOOD. I would fit into that kilt, no problem. But you do NOT want me waiting on your table. I would be a disaster, bringing the wrong drinks and spilling everything. Why not hire people who excel at the most important part of the job?

Do you think restaurants like the Tilted Kilt should discriminate based on size?


Image via ABC

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