Chocolate Lovers Win More Nobel Prizes -- No, Seriously!

box of chocolatesI knew it! Chocolate is pure magic! Okay, it's not exactly going to make all your wildest dreams come true ... (Although, I admit, sometimes, I dream of nothing more than the ULTIMATE piece of chocolate cake, and in that case, finding said chocolate cake definitely makes my dreams come true ...) But it may make you smart. Like so smart that you go and win the Nobel Prize. For real!

Researchers have published a note in The New England Journal of Medicine that reveals a correlation between a country's Nobel Prize wins and their per-capita chocolate consumption. In other words -- the more chocolate people eat, the more Nobel Prizes it has!!! Mind. Officially. Blown.


Apparently, Switzerland had the most Nobels and ate the most chocolate (can you blame 'em?) according to population. The U.S., Netherlands, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Germany all fell somewhere in the middle-range, while China, Japan, and Brazil chomped on the least chocolate -- and in turn, had the least amount of Nobel Prizes. Weird!

I wonder if it has to do with the quality of chocolate available too? That wouldn't be so crazy, actually, given that higher-quality cocoa has even greater levels of potent flavanoids and hence, more antioxidant power that supports a healthy heart, brain, and immune system.

But ultimately, researchers aren't sure what come first -- the chocolate or the smarts. Maybe smarter people are just naturally chocaholics -- or are more aware of the brain-boosting benefits of cocoa. Either way, gives us all more reason to grab a cup of cozy, delicious cup of hot cocoa ASAP!

Do you believe chocolate may make us smarter?

Image via Martin L/Flickr

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