Wacky Pizza Contest Makes Presidential Debates Potentially Hilarious, But Not Tax-Free

pizzaThese gosh-darned presidential debates, if only someone could come up with a way to make them more fun and less informative. Pizza Hut to the rescue! Not only do they deliver hot and fresh pizza with a phone call, they are also making an offer that could make the next presidential debate must-see TV for even the least political viewers.

Pizza Hut is offering free pizza for life for any debate attendee who dares to ask the candidates -- on camera -- which they prefer, sausage or pepperoni, at the town hall debate October 16. You should watch this debate because CafeMom Studios will have a post-debate convo, ahem! And because you are going to vote. But now that I know this dare is on, I have one more reason to watch.


And now the fine print. You won't exactly get free pizza for life. You'll get a check for $15,600, which you will obviously spend on pizza after you pay taxes on your winnings. Maybe a good question for Obama and Romney is how much they would tax that $15,600 pizza check.

Or you could spend the $15,600 on out-of-pocket health care after Romney is elected and trashes Obamacare. Oh, DID I GET POLITICAL IN A FOOD POST? OOPS.

Okay, back to the food. As seriously as I take my politics. I would love, LOVE, to see this happen in a debate. But it's a longshot. The question-askers are screened, and even though many of them will be Hofstra University students, they'll probably be the serious Hofstra University students who ask "real" questions about "policy" instead of toppings. So don't hold your breath.

That said, I want Pizza Hut to be a little open-minded with this contest. Maybe there's a vegetarian who'd like to ask which toppings the candidates prefer, olives or mushrooms? How do they feel about green peppers -- tasty or burpy? I feel like a candidate's choice in vegetables would say a hell of a lot more about the candidates than their choice of meat. But whatever, it's not my contest. May the best topping win! I mean, candidate.

What would you think if someone actually asked the pizza question at the next presidential debate?


Image via Javier Aroche/Flickr

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