5 Things Vegetarians Say That Drive Meat-Eaters Crazy

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hamburger vegetablesVegetarian confession time! I am a vegetarian, and I hate other vegetarians. OK, so hate's a strong word. But if you're the type of vegetarian who walks around pissing off all the meat-eaters in the world, I have got a few words for you. Namely: you are driving me nuts!

Maybe it's because I live in a household with two omnivores (both my husband and my kid love themselves some bacon), but I've never been into preaching about my lifestyle. I just want to be able to enjoy my eats in peace, and I expect most meat-eaters are the same. So I'd like to put out a little warning to all the mouthy vegetarians who are giving the rest of us such a bad name.

I've got a list of the things meat-eaters are sick of hearing out of your veggie-eating mouth.

It's all the judgy stuff that puts you on the "do not invite" list for parties. It's all the stuff that people fear they're going to hear out of my mouth after they find out I haven't eaten a cow in 15 years.

And it has GOT to stop! If we want the meat-eaters to treat us with a little respect, it has to go both ways.

Here's my list of things vegetarians need to stop saying. What would you add?

Meat-eaters: may I also remind you of the 9 Things Not to Say to a Vegetarian?


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jagam... jagamama0710

The passive aggressive "Well if you want to poison your body and die at an early age, go right ahead. I'll continue being a vegetarian/vegan and be healthy and happy."  or "If you don't want to do the research and educate yourself on how bad animal products are for you then that's your problem." <----- These ones I have seen on TheStir many, many times. They are perhaps not direct quotes but close enough The sentiment and obnoxious tone is the same. 

amazz... amazzonia

I was vegetarian, now I eat only meat from local farm because I feel sorry on how animals are treated in the big industries...anyways I totally get your point of view, I was a vegetarian sorrounded by meat eaters, not omnivorous but meat eaters lol and I remember how annoying it was having everyone tell me how good their meet was, some times I wold tell back that they were murderers and all those things because I was just annoyed by them judging my eating

Hunny... Hunnybadgerkins

Im a veggie and I totally agree with you. I avoid other veggies because I can not stand their attitudes. What other people eat is their choice. I dislike that we are all labeled crazy because of some :(

kelti... kelticmom

A certain vegetarian member recently commented on the story of the farmer who was eaten by his pigs that since he was raising them to kill and eat, they just turned the tables on him. So basically he had it coming. Those are the kind of things that piss me off. I live animals, I despise animal cruelty. But let's be real here. An animal's life is in no way on par with a human life. It's called the food chain. Circle of life. Etc.

kelti... kelticmom

*love animals* not live. Lol

cleig... cleigh717

Umm, fellow veggies are we totally going to ignore what idiot carnivores have told us? I am not an uppity veggie like some but I'm tired of meat eaters saying ridiculous things to me. I'm respectful of other people, but this author should have a list of ten things that meat eaters say to vegetarians because THEY are disrespectful to us! They may think we r all uppity but that doesn't give them a ryt to down our foods. Why shud I show them more respect than they can give to me?

Jennifer Kupper Swan

Shrug, I don't stick my nose into your diet, don't stick your nose in mine.  Yes, a vegan lifestyle would be great for us and much healthier but given the amount of food allergies and intolerances in our house, it's nto going to happen (though I have found some awesome recipes for vegan night).  So instead we do what we need to do to keep us healthy and try to keep the animals in mind.  Actually I admit, it is less about my feeling comfort for the animal and more about the health factors of grassfed/free range animals.  Overall we are reversing our diet to a predominately meat diet with a sampling of veggies to a predominately veggie diet with a flavoring of meat.

Jennifer Kupper Swan

I have to laugh when I hear about vegetarians that don't actually like the taste of veggies (yeah, I know more than a few of them) especially as an omnivore that loves almost all of the veggies I have encountered. 

I also snicker at the ones that tell me that a helpless animal died on my plate.  Because no veggie ever gave it's life for you to eat it.

Mary Cimino

I had a vegan in my high school who was preachy about her diet. We were in Band together so we had to go on field trips often togerther. I'm eating a chicken sanwich with my freinds and her group sat down at the table next to us, she had the nerve to say "Do you know that that chicken had to go through so you could eat it?" My response to her negativity, "I have no clue but it is DELICIOUS!" *Takes a huge bite* My freinds still won't let me live that down for some odd reason.

Oh, And before you ask I do know what they go through so we can eat them, I worked in a chicken processing plant, and no they are not brutally tortured before they're killed. It's quick and painless.

Shannon Dufresne

Mary, you're attitude is assinine and precisely what upsets vegans. Ignornace is not bliss; it is ignorance.

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