Lady Gaga's Family Restaurant Racks Up Gag-Worthy Health Code Violations

Lady GagaI don't know what exactly caused Lady Gaga's  big barf fest at her concert in Barcelona last week, but if she'd dined at her family restaurant in New York recently, we may have a culprit. You see, her parents' restaurant -- Joanne Trattoria -- was recently slammed for filthy habits by the health department.

According to the New York Post, the New York Department of Health gave the restaurant, which opened this summer,  a "C" rating and dinged them 42 points for disgusting things like "unwashed food-prep surfaces, no hand-washing facilities close to the kitchen, and food placed in areas ripe for contamination." Gag. Gag.Gag.

And yes, this is the same restaurant the Mother Monster recently raved about and blamed for her weight gain. She said the food there is so delicious that she gains five pounds every time she goes in there.  With infractions like this I suppose she could also potentially lose five pounds if she got a bad case of food poisoning. Just sayin'.


It's so disturbing to think of what goes in the kitchens of restaurants as we sit out there sipping our drinks and waiting for a fabulous meal. Stories like this are hard to stomach for those of us who love nothing more than trying new ones, because the fact is, no matter how good it sounds or what famous name is behind it, people don't always do what's right when it comes to food safety. You literally put your health in their hands when you place your order.

The restaurant manager, Travis Jones, told the paper they're going to fight the rating, and that it's "bogus" until November when it's finalized. So they deserve the benefit of the doubt I suppose, but I can't imagine anyone putting their health on the line to give it to them. 

Do you worry about health code violations when you eat out in restaurants?


Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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