These 9 Spectacular Wedding Cakes Are Totally Sweet Eye Candy (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Oct 5, 2012 Food & Party

vintage bird cakeEven though I'll admit I'd given plenty of thought to my wedding well before getting engaged this past spring, I never really thought too too much about the wedding cake. (I know, ironic, being that I'm a total foodie!) All I knew was I wanted a buttercream cake, because in my opinion, fondant isn't nearly as heavenly.

Now that my fiance and I are actually planning and we'll soon be "saying yes" to The Cake, I've been looking at designs, and sheeeze, wedding cakes really are an incredible artform all their own! Well, guess that's because it is, literally, the pièce de résistance of the Big Day. Here, extravagant, eye candy-tastic wedding cakes -- like this whimsical "Vintage Bird" wedding cake by Colorado-based cake designer and owner of Intricate Icing Designs, Rachael Teufel -- you're sure to drool over ...  

What's your dream wedding cake look like?

Image via Gray Box Studios/

  • Phantom Crashing Chandelier Wedding Cake


    Image via Rachael Teufel/

    Erie, Colorado-based cake designer and owner of Intricate Icings Cake Design company Rachael Teufel created this very imaginative, stunning, and yes, intricate wedding cake she calls the "phantom crashing chandelier wedding cake."

  • Queen of Cakes' Feminine Pink & Yellow 'Cake Central' Magazine Wedding Cake


    Image via Kerry Vincent/

    This incredibly intricate design was created by Kerry Vincent, Queen of Cakes, Food Network Challenge Judge & Co-Founder of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and was featured on the cover of Cake Central magazine.

  • Bella & Edward's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Cake


    Image via Tammy Carmona

    Upscale party and event planner Tammy Carmona produced the wedding scenes for the Breaking Dawn wedding! Squee! Here's the gorgeous cake she created for Edward and Bella's Big Day.

  • Romantic Victorian Cake


    Image via Tammy Carmona


    Another elaborate, breathtaking design by Tammy Carmona.

  • Tiffany Box Cake


    Image via Stephanie Driggs, Pastry Chef, St. Regis Monarch Beach/

    For the Tiffany's lover, St. Regis Monarch Beach pastry chef Stephanie Driggs created this gorgeous cake.


  • Red Rose Wedding Cake


    Image via Stephanie Driggs, Pastry Chef, St. Regis Monarch Beach/

    What could be more romantic than a red rose wedding cake? Stephenie Driggs' creation is stunning -- and oh so perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding, right?

  • The Coolest Waterfall-ish Cake Ever


    Image via Stephanie Driggs, Pastry Chef, St. Regis Monarch Beach/

    Is this cake supposed to look like it's melting? A waterfall? A dress? I'm not sure, but it sure is incredible!

  • Suspended Pink Sugar Peony Wedding Cake


    Image via Revert Photo

    How totally feminine, dazzling, and magical is this beautiful design, also by Rachael Teufel from Intricate Icing?! I want!

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