These 9 Spectacular Wedding Cakes Are Totally Sweet Eye Candy (PHOTOS)

vintage bird cakeEven though I'll admit I'd given plenty of thought to my wedding well before getting engaged this past spring, I never really thought too too much about the wedding cake. (I know, ironic, being that I'm a total foodie!) All I knew was I wanted a buttercream cake, because in my opinion, fondant isn't nearly as heavenly.

Now that my fiance and I are actually planning and we'll soon be "saying yes" to The Cake, I've been looking at designs, and sheeeze, wedding cakes really are an incredible artform all their own! Well, guess that's because it is, literally, the pièce de résistance of the Big Day. Here, extravagant, eye candy-tastic wedding cakes -- like this whimsical "Vintage Bird" wedding cake by Colorado-based cake designer and owner of Intricate Icing Designs, Rachael Teufel -- you're sure to drool over ...  


What's your dream wedding cake look like?

Image via Gray Box Studios/

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