Guys Banned From All-You-Can Eat Buffet for ... Well ... Eating All They Could Eat (VIDEO)

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buffetCall me crazy, but I always believed the whole point of an all-you-can-eat buffet was pigging out. It's about stuffing your gaping maw with as much food as you possibly can while paying the least amount possible. And if you're some of my relatives, that includes wrapping some of that food in napkins and carrying it home in your handbag. Yes, I come from very fancy people.

Anyway, I guess George Dalmon and Andy Milkes love their all-you-can-eat buffet too much. They've been banned from the Mongolian barbecue restaurant Gobi. "Basically they just come in and pig out," complained the restaurant manager, who is shocked, SHOCKED! that anyone would DO such a thing at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Oh noes, a gross case of Buffet Abuse! Somebody stop these two hogs.

Can you really ban someone from an all-you-can eat buffet? Yes! You! Can! The manager says, "We are not a charity, we're a business. It's our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we don't want them to." Well then! I guess they'd better stop giving George and Andy so much free food, then. Oh wait -- but George and Andy aren't getting free food. They're paying the same price everyone else does for the buffet meal.

They're not even eating that much. The restaurant claims they each stuff themselves with about five bowls of food. Well, okay, that is gross. That's way more than any non-Olympic human needs to eat at one meal. But it's not like they're eating away the whole restaurant. I'm sure there's still a few drumsticks and snow peas lying around at the buffet after they finish.

Look, if you're in the all-you-can-eat business, you're in the pig-out business. Otherwise, call your establishment something else, like Gobi Barbecue Buffet of Moderation for People Who Only Eat One Cup of Food Per Meal. But don't penalize these two brave customers for testing the boundaries of the all-you-can-eat buffet. For they are the real heroes.

Do you think there should be limits for all-you-can-eat buffets?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

haha how can one get banned for all you can eat but yet they can't I seen this last night ayce wings 11.99 seen 1 guy eat 25 wings my gosh

nonmember avatar NoWay

Yes, but this should balance out people like me who can't eat more than one plate / bowl of food and still pays the same price. Maybe I should ask to pay half price. Jeez!

Tripl... TripleDee30

^^ Punctuation marks make for coherent comments.  Just sayin'.

And for once, I agree with an author of an article on The Stir! 

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Lol @ TripleDee. Whenever my hubby and I eat at a buffet I always end up gasping for air after almost two plates. Whereas he will literally have about five to six! Yet we both pay the same price. As a buffet manager or owner you have to anticipate those certain customers who eat above and beyond the normal person. I figure the ones who only eat a plate or two balance out the ones who eat four or more.

nonmember avatar Fred

This article fails to mention that the manager also claims that the pair did not tip in the 2 years that they had been going to the restaurant.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

I technically go up about 4 times at the Chinese buffett my boyfriend and I go too, but I have smaller portions. My first time I up I get some Lomain noodles, some brocolli from the chicken and brocoli and some honey chicken and it fills about half a plate. Second time up I get a half a plate of garlic sauteed green beans and a beef on a stick. The 3rd time I will get  some chicken, mushrooms and onions on the Habachi grill, and then the last time up I normally get some fruit from the salad bar (or more green beans, I can not seem to eat enough of them lol) 

Net1957 Net1957

Amen TripleDee! Some comments on these Stir posts can be so annoying...and not for what they wrote but how they wrote it! Jeez!!!

puasa... puasaurusrex

Who cares if they tip Fred? Tipping is NOT mandatory, especially at a buffet, and NOT a reason to ban someone from a restaurant.

funmo... funmommy123

That's just stupid. I went to a chinese buffet in Sacramento, CA a few years ago & I had to laugh at the signs they had up. There were signs saying to finish everything on your plate or you will be charge extra. Ummm....what if it's something that looked good & I got it, but it tasted like sh!t? They also had a sign telling customers that after they get "A" dessert, they will no longer be able to go back for more food. They'll have to just be done. I have never been to a buffet like that, so I was shocked when I saw the signs.


HAhaha! My dad and his brothers got banned from multiple Skippers' back when they used to do all you can eats. I wonder if those guys can sue for false advertising? That restaurant needs to change their business model.

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