Guy Finds Moth Larvae In His Clif Bar & It’s As Gross As It Sounds

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clif bar larvaeAnd now, a little treat from the department of Gross Food Posted to Reddit: Someone claims they found moth larvae in their Clif Bar. I'll pause while you convulse with the icks. I'll shudder along. And here's the grossest part. (Is there a grossest part? It's all pretty awful). He almost took a bite before seeing the larvae.

Driving to work today, I unwrapped a Clif Bar. Not really paying attention to what I was about to consume, I put it to my lips and had the distinct thought of, "Are those cobwebs?" I look down and discover what I was just about to bite into was a TREASURE TROVE OF LIVE MAGGOTS IN A FORTRESS OF WEBS.

SCREAM! Also -- what are you doing driving and unwrapping a Clif Bar at the same time? That's as dangerous as texting while driving. But back to that Clif Bar: You'll be delighted to hear what other Redditors said about this.

A few of them said the same thing had happened to them, too. How? How do maggots get in the Clif Bars? Welp, a Clif Bar spokesperson responded with this helpful information. First of all, those were not maggots, they were the larvae of the Indian Meal Moth. Oh I feel so much better, now!

And then the spokesperson absolved Clif Bar of responsibility: "We are confident that the Indian Meal Moths you encountered did not originate in our warehouse or bakery." Their bakery is simply too "scrupulously clean" for any such moth invasions as this! Oh -- but apparently these little critters can bite through wrappers, so...

So that's awesome. You know, I don't even like Clif Bars to begin with. But can you imagine being on a hiking trail and you get lost and all you have with you are these Clif Bars your friend made you pack -- and OMG they're already being loved by larvae? Sophie's choice! Go hungry a little while longer or just pick them out and hope for the best? May I never see the day. Meanwhile, I will be inspecting my granola a little more closely tomorrow morning.

Have you ever found a critter in your snack food?


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marie... mariesmama

whats a clif bar?

Aeris... AerisKate

Yes, when I was a kid, my uncle opened up a box of raisin bran and poured some in to a bowl.  It was all stuck together with webs and a bunch of worms like this were crawling around it.  There were full grown moths, too.  It was so nasty. 

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Well if this happened to others, then the makers of these bars have a lot more explaining to do!! They are taking no responsibility for it?

kelti... kelticmom

I opened a tub of Nesquick powder once and wondered "why is the powder clumping together?" Then I saw that it was actually webs that were in the mix and little white worms. Ugh. Put me off chocolate milk for a loooong time.

annis... annismom10

When i was a kid there was a cricket in a can of green beans. I still don't eat canned veggies.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Yes. I went to make some pasta salad (the kind from a box) and in the plastic bag I saw 2 little moths flapping around in there and a little worm. I promptly threw it away and didnt eat pasta salad for years.

curly... curlygirl31

This will happen if you have food that is a grain and has been expired for some time

Samm Smith

Just to correct you, (I'm the OP) I'm a girl! Everyone assumes that only dudes can find something so gross!

lisa57 lisa57

well this is kinda the same and kind differnet...when my daughter was a nreborn and she was on gerber baby cereal i found grubs in the cereal and luckally i caught it right before i fed it to her. well about 10 boxs later i finally found one that was safe. theres NO reason at all that there should of been grubs in gerber baby cereal and yet those boxes are cardboard wrapped in plastic and there wasnt any holes in the boxes either. also they were all brand new boxs and they didnt expire for another 6 months- a yr. well anyways after all that happened i decided to only buy one box at a time til my daughter stopped eatting baby cereal. i just REALLY hope that i DONT have to go through that same horrific ordeal again when my baby (whom im pregnant with right now) is on baby cereal!

Samm Smith

Also, to respond to the unwrapping-while-driving part: It was more like, I unwrapped the bar while my car was parked (in a Barnes and Noble parking lot, to be exact), then I drove out of the parking lot I was in, and then reached down to grab the bar while I was driving. In that time, a lot of the larvae that had been sitting at the bottom of the wrapper had crawled onto the bar (there were lots more still nestled within the wrapper when I parked the car again to get a better look). ** Shudder **


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