Guy Finds Moth Larvae In His Clif Bar & It’s As Gross As It Sounds

clif bar larvaeAnd now, a little treat from the department of Gross Food Posted to Reddit: Someone claims they found moth larvae in their Clif Bar. I'll pause while you convulse with the icks. I'll shudder along. And here's the grossest part. (Is there a grossest part? It's all pretty awful). He almost took a bite before seeing the larvae.

Driving to work today, I unwrapped a Clif Bar. Not really paying attention to what I was about to consume, I put it to my lips and had the distinct thought of, "Are those cobwebs?" I look down and discover what I was just about to bite into was a TREASURE TROVE OF LIVE MAGGOTS IN A FORTRESS OF WEBS.

SCREAM! Also -- what are you doing driving and unwrapping a Clif Bar at the same time? That's as dangerous as texting while driving. But back to that Clif Bar: You'll be delighted to hear what other Redditors said about this.


A few of them said the same thing had happened to them, too. How? How do maggots get in the Clif Bars? Welp, a Clif Bar spokesperson responded with this helpful information. First of all, those were not maggots, they were the larvae of the Indian Meal Moth. Oh I feel so much better, now!

And then the spokesperson absolved Clif Bar of responsibility: "We are confident that the Indian Meal Moths you encountered did not originate in our warehouse or bakery." Their bakery is simply too "scrupulously clean" for any such moth invasions as this! Oh -- but apparently these little critters can bite through wrappers, so...

So that's awesome. You know, I don't even like Clif Bars to begin with. But can you imagine being on a hiking trail and you get lost and all you have with you are these Clif Bars your friend made you pack -- and OMG they're already being loved by larvae? Sophie's choice! Go hungry a little while longer or just pick them out and hope for the best? May I never see the day. Meanwhile, I will be inspecting my granola a little more closely tomorrow morning.

Have you ever found a critter in your snack food?


Image via DonutPlains/Imgur

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