Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney Cookie Bake-Off Totally Predicts Who'll Win the White House

presidential cookie bake-offWhen you think about what this year's presidential election boils down to, hopefully you're thinkin' jobs, the economy, health care, etc. ... NOT which presidential candidate's wife makes a tastier cookie! Nonetheless, Family Circle pitted First Lady Michelle Obama's White & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies against Ann Romney's M&M Cookies in their annual Presidential Cookie Bake-Off. Yes, this is something that actually still exists, and no, it didn't begin in 1950. Try 1992! (I know, Gloria Steinem totes has steam coming out of her ears right now.)

Still, okay, though it may not be the most feminist competition out there, I can feel it. Maybe because 1) I'm a total sucker for cookies, and 2) there's actually more to this contest than which potential FLOTUS makes a meaner cookie!

But first, the 2012 winner was ... drum roll, please ...


First Lady Michelle Obama FTW! The Harvard-trained lawyer gave SAHM Ann Romney a run for her M&Ms. But not by a landslide -- only 287 votes separated the two.

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Kinda gets me freaked out about November 6! Because apparently, the winner of the Presidential Cookie Bake-Off has predicted the winner of the general election almost every single year! That is, with the exception of last time in 2008, when Cindy McCain's oatmeal-butterscotch cookies beat Michelle Obama's citrusy shortbread cookies. But that 'go round wasn't without controversy! Apparently, rumors swirled that McCain swiped that recipe off a Hershey's box. Tsk, tsk, Cindy!!

So, I guess there's much more than meets the eye than a couple of innocent, dueling cookie recipes. Maybe a sugar high gets the 9,000+ Family Circle readers who participated reveal how they plan to go when they get to the ballot box! OR ... the presidential candidate who is being fed the most mouthwatering power cookie has the most stamina to win? Doubtful. Probably just a coincidence. Ah well -- since my gal Mrs. O. officially claimed the prize this year, I'll take it! 

Whose cookie would you rather bake? Do you think this contest is antiquated & sexist or just plain fun?


Image via Keith McDuffee/Flickr

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