‘Mad Men’ Drinking Montage Will Leave You Dizzy With Delight (VIDEO)

mad men drinkingThey sure do drink a lot on Mad Men, don't they? They sure do. That's a television series with a whole cast full of pickled livers. I swear, someone drinks something in at least every scene. Just seeing the words Mad Men makes me crave something amber and ambrosial in a snifter. Makes me want to drink a whole bottle of Cabernet with my kids' leftover meatloaf. Makes me want to down dirty martini after dirty martini until I can't stand straight.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, lots of drinking in Mad Men. And now someone has gone and stitched together the most incredible tapestry of a Mad Men video ever. It's even better than Don Draper Says "What." Here is Slacktory's supercut of every on-screen drink in every episode of every season of Mad Men, ever. Don't worry -- somehow they squeezed it all in in under five minutes.


Whoo! Does anyone feel like they're going to vomit now? I started feeling queasy and dizzy just a couple minutes into that. Hold that scotch, Cabernet, and martini -- on second thought, I think I'll just stick to water. Watching all of that just made me feel like I've been on a five-minute time-traveling weekend bender.

Remember how Peggy drank through her pregnancy? Remember Roger Sterling and his vodka with milk? All those dinner parties and long, boozy lunches and ... you know, times "thinking" alone in the office? That's a lot to digest. And it's really making me question the way I live my life. Because obviously if I want to get anywhere in my career, I need to start keeping a bottle of scotch in my desk drawer! Kidding, just kidding.

Would the characters from Mad Men think people today are strangely moderate drinkers?


Image via Slactory/YouTube

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