Miranda Kerr Eats a Lot for a Model & Other Food Secrets of the Stars

mirandakerrStars, they're just like us only better looking with better bodies and more charming and superhuman forget it they're not just like us -- right? Pretty much. All we ever hear about are the iron-lady workouts and the incredible inedible diets. Except when someone spills some real dirt on what stars are actually eating.

Introducing Kate McAloon, chef to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Courtney Cox, and the Spielbergs. She's telling tales out of the kitchen about what those flawless celebs really eat. Food! Actual food you have to chew up and swallow. True story. I jest. No really, what she has to say will either make you love these stars because awww, they're so relatable or just envy them more.


Courtney Cox eats dessert. YES. She's a total carb-phobe, but McAloon says she and her then-husband David Arquette indulged in desserts, even the decadent kind with real-live sugar and butter. They also loved exotic cocktails like agave margaritas (whatever, agave is still sugar). Of course, McAloon doesn't say how often Courtney ate dessert, now how tiny her dessert indulgences were. But what a relief to know Courtney is human enough to indulge in sweets every once in a while.

Gwyneth Paltrow's kids apparently don't like vegetables. Haven't you always gotten the impression that they live on an organic farm where Apple and Moses trot out and pick their very own lima beans and Brussels sprouts for dinner? Not so. McAloon say, "I had to come up with new child-friendly things for the family all the time. I'd chop the vegetables so finely the kids didn't even know they were eating them." Ha, pulling the ol' veggie-hiding trick! I knew it.

Miranda Kerr eats truckloads of food every day. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But McAloon says, "Miranda eats a lot of food – not just model quantities." On the one hand, I'm glad she's not starving herself. On the other, SIGH: Supermodel metabolism. I almost don't want to know.

Anyway, now this is just getting depressing, so I'll give you a special treat. Here's a recipe for McAloon's blondies which apparently Gwyneth and the Spielbergs just love. And remember, even Courtney Cox would let her try a teensy bite at least.

Are you surprised at any of this celeb food scoop?


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