Rum Poured Over Naked Models Isn't Sexy, It's Gross

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rum and cokeFile this one in the craziest things that you've heard all day folder, and then make sure to tell your friends. There's a German alcohol company out there that goes by the name of G-Spirits, and they have this insane step in their bottling process. Apparently, every single drop of alcohol in their new line is poured over the naked breasts of a certified model.

Yup. For around $180 plus shipping, you too can enjoy one of the 5,000 bottles of rum a la model, which tastes of roasted almonds, dried fruit, toffee, honey, baked apples, vanilla, and honey. WOW! ALL that in one bottle?! Nuts!

OK, excuse me for a moment while I go gag -- will you?

The funniest part of this whole thing is that for those G-Spirits rum enthusiasts who want to save a few pennies, you can buy the rum that hasn't come into contact with a model for $165.

I'm sorry, but this is just gross. There are really men (and women!) who are that desperate for a rum that's touched a naked woman's breasts? Aren't there, like, hygienic issues with this? What if the model they used for this whole process was wearing some sort of perfume that affects the taste? I'd be damned if I paid that much moolah for a bottle of rum that tastes funky, just saying.

OK, so the company "claims" they have medical personnel present to check the products ... but I don't know, I'm just not sold. For now, I think I'll stick to drinking my 100 percent safe (and 1,000 percent cheaper) favorites.

Can you believe this rum even exists?


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jkm89 jkm89

Mmmm, skin flavor!

nonmember avatar Chelsea

So? It's the same thing as doing body shots...big whoop

QCBaby QCBaby

Haven't you ever heard of body shots? confused

nonmember avatar Zuri

Is this a joke? And what is a body shot? Sounds gross beyond words...

nonmember avatar ally

I don't see the point unless I get to enjoy the model as well


"Certified model" ha ha! I bet they ran an ad on Craigslist and whoever showed up they gave a "certificate."

Men can be so ridiculous.

Deann... Deanna2872

I'm pretty sure the models are free of perfumes and lotions. For a job, its not that hard to imagine a person might shower, rinse, rinse, rinse again, and apply no product. Because it is their JOB.

Perfume in the rum- seriously?

As for germs, I'm quite sure that's not an issue either.

Again, I'm quite sure that sanitation is a priority. No one really LIKES to be on the losing end of a recall.

So, what's the problem? Models (men/women- no diff), making a paycheck. Good for them.

Rum maker making a profit off of idiots? Good for them.

Don't like it?

Don't buy or consume it.

There ya go.

Problem SOLVED-

QCBaby QCBaby

Body shots are basically when you use someone elses body as the shot glass and just do the shot straight off the other persons body big smile mini

craft... craftycatVT

People will buy anything. I'm going to market some wine that some fat guy has dunked his balls into. I'm sure someone, somewhere would buy it.

SaphireH SaphireH

I agree with Deanna2872, if you don't like it don't try it and I'm pretty sure the girls wash thoroughly

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