Peanut Butter Recall Gets Bigger & Scarier So Trash Your Kids' Favorite Sandwich

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peanut butterRemember when we told you about that big peanut butter recall at Trader Joe's? And then we told you that the recall had, ahem, spread larger than that? Well, it's the damnedest thing, the peanut butter recall has expanded yet again. New Nut Butter Recall: Now With Other Nuts!

It started with Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Valencia peanut butter, but now Sunland Inc., the company that produces that and many other nut butters, is recalling cashew butters, tahini (made with sesame seeds), and blanched and roasted peanut products sold at several different major grocery store chains. In all, the recall is for 101 different products. I repeat: 101 nut butter products recalled. Here's what you need to know.

So far 30 salmonella cases in 19 states have been reported. The recall now includes Whole Foods Market, Target (Archer Farms), Safeway (Open Nature), Fresh & Easy, Harry and David, Sprouts, Meinen's, Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, Giant Food of Landover, MD, and several others. But your best bet for protecting yourself and your family is to check the FDA's full list of recalled nut butter products and Sunland's newly updated press release.

I'm sorry to report that the recall includes organic brands, including Newman's Own. So no matter what kind of peanut butter you buy, definitely check those lists of recalled peanut butters. Don't assume you're safe because you use organic.

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Phew, anyone else here feeling a little paranoid about what may be lurking in their cupboards and refrigerators? I know I have a jar of peanut butter and two containers of tahini I'll be inspecting as soon as I get home. Please, just tell me Sunland doesn't make Nutella-type products. Just promise me that my chocolate-hazelnut spread is still safe ...

Do you buy any of the listed recalled brands of nut butters?


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Lynette Lynette

so what if we have already opened and ate one of these before the recall was posted?  Does that mean that the one we have is safe?

Jennifer Kupper Swan

Check the date on it Lynette to make sure it is not among the dates recalled.  I know TJ's is taking back open containers.

We had the TJ Valencia on the list.  I just tossed it because TJ's is such a trip and a half for us.  It did force me to shell out $7 for a jar of Sunbutter - the fun of having allergies in the house.

Tonia Miller

I got a phone call from Costco to return my Sunland Natural Peanut Butter, which I did. Now my local Costco only has the Skippy, which I will not eat thanks to all the extra junk in it. Sigh!

Damie... DamiensMommy1

never even heard of any of them.

Mom2C... Mom2Caterpillar

Didn't see Smuckers..

Which is good, because my fiance just ate a whole jar of peanut butter last night, lol.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i've seen the archer farms ones, but they're few and far between depending on the area you're in. i've seen the organic brands, but don't buy them. we actually switched to Planters peanut butter. it's seriously the best tasting pb i've ever had!

Janice Morrissette

Im safe I buy peter pan peanut butter not on the list or great value.

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