A Debate Party Menu for Your Republican Friends That Won't Land You in Debt

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republican balloonThe first presidential debate is less than a week away. Are you excited? Planning on having a few friends over to cheer on your favorite candidates?

Here are a few food and drink ideas to please the palates of your favorite Republicans. And we've got a menu for your Democrat friends, too. Stay tuned tomorrow for even more debate party ideas.

Romney-Approved Snacks

Wisconsin Cheese Plate. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has said he's got cheese running through his veins, so why not take him at his word and serve up a selection of cheeses straight from Wisconsin!

Grits. Mitt Romney famously declared a new-found love of grits while on the campaign trail. But of course -- shrimp and grits are delicious.

Tuna Casserole. You've gotta have that special dish Ann Romney served Mitt while they were struggling students. Here's a classic recipe for tuna casserole. And we recommend you serve it on an ironing board you've rigged as a table.

Green Jello. Fair or not, Mormons have long been associated with the wiggly snack. Just give in to the cliche -- it's more fun that way! Or find some other classic Mormon foods in the cookbook Saints Well Seasoned.

47/53 Dessert Platter. Romney got a lot of heat for that "47 percent" video, but Sean Hannity thought he should run with it. Why not own the comment yourself by putting out a platter of 47 percent cookies, 53 percent brownies -- or some other 47/53 ratio of tasty desserts.

Conservatively Drinking

Mormon Punch. Considering Romney is a teetotaler (and Ryan is probably moderate himself), you should probably have some non-alcoholic options. This one's a classic -- Mormon punch.

Coke. So liberals think the Koch brothers call all the shots for conservatives? Give them a wink with a few liters of Coca-Cola.

The Elephant. Washington, D.C. restaurant Lincoln has created this cocktail for Republicans. It's a bold, red concoction of rhubarb infused whiskey, homemade strawberry liquor, lime juice, and bitters.

Scotch. Republicans are the party of the ruling class? I'll drink to that! Here's a fitting beverage for your post-debate analysis.

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Will you have friends over to watch any of the debates?

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AHowa... AHoward66

The Elephant is soooooo good!

early... earlybird11

Yaya having people over for thebdebates. Not serving this stuff but we are doing some other cute stuff. Even have a game planned. we planned originally on doing it election night but should we lose, ill never get rid of.people who.are looking to off themselves.right there.in my.house ...

nonmember avatar Gretta

I really want to try The Elephant.

nonmember avatar Zuri

Debate party? Love that idea! We might have an Election Party over here...

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