A Debate Party Menu for Your Democrat Friends That Would 'Move' Even Michelle Obama

democrat pinataAre you ready for the first presidential debate on Wednesday? Why not turn the evening into a party -- have a few friends over, put out a little spread, mix up a few drinks. I mean, debates can get a little dry sometimes. But not if you're watching with your crew!

We've pulled together a few food and drink ideas with a Democrat slant. But don't worry, Romney supporters. We've got some fun Republican party ideas for you, too.

In the meantime, feast your ideas on these blue-state snacks and drinks. We think President Obama would approve -- but would the health-minded First Lady?


Blue-State Grub

Roast Pig: Haven't you just been looking for an excuse to roast a whole pig? I know I have! It's a great way to celebrate the state where President Obama was born. You know -- Hawaii?

FLOTUS table spread with super-healthy foods like kale salad, quinoa, or any dish from the First Lady's cookbook American Grown or her downloadable mini cookbook.

POTUS table loaded with the "forbidden" junk foods he loves: Burgers, hot dogs, fries.

Pizza. You've gotta serve pizza after that big bear hug Obama got at Big Apple Pizza and Pasta in Ft. Pierce, Florida! Make it the POTUS, the pie Boulder, Colorado pizza joint The Sink named after Obama. It's got pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, black olives, and onion. (The veggies are there for Michelle!)

Kenyan dishes. Maybe try some Ugali, Sukama Wiki, Nyama Choma? All are classic dishes from Obama's place of birth father's homeland, Kenya.

What to drink?

White House Honey Ale. Oh we wish we could get our hands on that White House-brewed ale! That would make the whole party. And you could buy the brewing kit (here's the recipe). Or, you could just buy some local micro-brewed honey ale.

The Donkey: Washington, D.C. restaurant Lincoln has created this cocktail for the Democrats. (We'll post their Republican cocktail in tomorrow's post!) It's a "blackberry-infused gin with ginger syrup, lime juice, and soda."

Blue Hawaii: Perfect, right? The recipe calls for rum, vodka, blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and sweet and sour mix.

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