New 'Cone Crust Pizza' Shouldn't Be Called Pizza at All (VIDEO)


cone crust pizzaYou know what? I think pizza is getting a little bored. I think maybe pizza is sick and tired of always being flat. Maybe pizza would like to be a different shape -- like a cone! Introducing the new Cone Crust Pizza. It's kind of both, actually. It's your typical round, flat pizza, but the outer crust is festooned with little round pizza crust cones filled with your choice of cream cheese or honey mustard chicken.

Because nothing says pizza like little cones filled with cream cheese or honey mustard chicken. RIGHT?!?

Should we even still be calling it "pizza" -- ??? At what point does the Food Formerly Known as Pizza become something altogether different? And may we please see some people actually eating this concoction?

You can watch Pizza Hut's pizza cone commercial here, but you'll have to travel to the Middle East to actually try it yourself. That's where the restaurant chain is introducing this... delicacy. I guess they're picking up from where they left off with the burger pizza crusts. You guys in the Middle East, what is it with you and the weird pizza crusts?

Anyway, apparently you peel off the cones and eat them first -- from either end -- before eating the rest of the pizza. Or what the heck, just eat the cones and then walk away from the rest of the pizza! It's all about "reshaping fun." All this time I thought round was a fun shape, but I was wrong. It is NOT FUN. Cone is fun. Get with the program! (I say to myself.)

The more I think of it, the more I'm wondering why this isn't on the menu in America. We already sort of have whole pizza cones. We're ready, Pizza Hut. We are totally ready to reshape fun into a cone. Just leave out the cream cheese, please.

What do you think of the Cone Crust Pizza?


Image via PizzaHutMiddleEast/YouTube

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ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

I can already feel my pants stretching to the maximum capacity. This sounds really good and too self indulgent at the same time. That's right. The strongest opinion I've had all week is about cone pizza.

cocob... cocobeannns

I love pizza, but I would not try this.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I'm just trying to figure out what cream cheese and honey mustard ANYTHING has to do with the flavor profiles of freakin pizza...unless the cones were cream cheese jalapeno (sp?) poppers and came with raspberry-chipotle preserves to dip them in...that, I could totally get down with...

Bob192 Bob192

Nay.  Not something I would like.

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