6 Kids’ Foods Moms Can’t Help Stealing for Themselves

goldfish crackersDo you ever find yourself eating your kids' food? I don't mean finishing their hot dogs for them -- I mean actually sneaking bites of their food because it looks kind of good!

In principle I think most kids' food is lousy. I mean, isn't it mostly junk food? Can't they eat what everyone else eats, just like kids have done for centuries? It's not like Cave Children got their own Mastadon Snackables.

But in reality ... I kind of like it every once in a while. Maybe it's out of nostalgia, maybe it's because it's all kind of soft and mushy, or maybe it's just the bright colors. But anyway, here are the kids' foods I secretly like to snack on.


Boxed mac 'n' cheese. I know I should hate the stuff. It's made with powdered cheese! How is that even remotely tempting? And there's nothing appealing about the texture of a tiny pasta bunny (erhm, well at least it's organic?). But somehow, when it's all cooked and I'm dishing it out for my son, I find myself taking a few bites straight out of the pot -- because really, that's the only way to eat that stuff.

Cheddar crackers. Goldfish crackers or Cheddar Bunnies, I have no idea what the appeal is to these cheesy snacks. So why am I still munching on them? Don't get me started on Teddy Grahams.

Yogurt squeezers. Yogurt does not taste better sucked out of a tube. I know, because I've tried it. Several times. So why do I still like those yogurt squeezers? Maybe because they're kind of fun frozen.

Novelty nuggets. Normally I think chicken nuggets in general are kind of gross. But the cafeteria at the American Museum of Natural History makes these dinosaur-shaped nuggets and I find them irresistible. Why? Is it really the dinosaur shape? Would they be even better if they were Ryan Gosling-shaped nuggets?

Chocolate milk. If you manage to puncture that damn box with the weak little straw (and I do mean if), you will find yourself in chocolate milk Nirvana.

Pureed fruit in a pouch. No, not baby food. I mean the proliferation of apples, peaches, and other mashed-up fruit your child can suck out of a foil pouch. What's wrong with a real apple? And why do I suddenly want one, too?

Are there any kids' foods that tempt you, too?


Image via Lin Pernill Photography/Flickr

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