Peanut Butter Recall Is Spreading Fast & Scaring Us Away From a Favorite Lunch

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Peanut Butter recallPB&J lovers, beware: the peanut butter recall announced a few days ago is spreading fast. Check whatever PB you have in your cupboards, because the voluntary recall for Trader Joe's-brand Valencia peanut butter now applies to a handful of 14 different brand names and 76 total products -- all made by the same company, Sunland Inc. -- at various stores around the country. Want to know why this makes us extra nervous? Because there are several brands sold at Target on the updated recalled nut butter list. And last we checked, a LOT of people buy peanut butter at Target because of their great prices.

The good news? It's kind of much ado about nothing considering the fact that only Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter has been linked to salmonella illness. However, these other nut butters were also manufactured and packaged by Sunland Inc. in the same factory on the same line in New Mexico.

And as with any other recall, you really never can be too careful.

According to the CDC, a total of 30 people have been infected with the outbreak strain of salmonella in question, and four of those 30 have been hospitalized. A total of 30 people in 19 different states doesn't sound like an epidemic yet, but still, it's making peanut butter eaters understandably uneasy. Salmonella poisoning can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever, and the infection usually lasts 4 days to a week. Most people recover without treatment.

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So what can we do? Well, the recall applies to peanut and almond butters on the recall list with sell-by dates between May 1, 2013 and September 24, 2013. If you think you may have a product on this list in your pantry, get rid of it ASAP. It's much better to be safe than sorry. The SKU number on the peanut butter voluntarily recalled by Trader Joe's is 97111.

You should also be very careful about what you and your family buy or eat from places other than supermarkets, as you never never really know where convenience stores, delis, restaurants, or scarily enough, your child's school get their peanut butter from. It might not even be a bad idea to skip the Skippy for a while (so to speak) until this whole thing has been sorted out. Who knows? Maybe this is the PERFECT time to try some new options out for lunch. Cold cut sandwiches, anyone?

Are you concerned about the peanut butter recall?

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mande... manderspanders

Ya know, I think the fact that this many different peanut butters being made on the SAME FACTORY LINE just goes to show that buying a certain "brand" really doesn't matter - it's all the same product, just a different package.

delan... delanna6two

Just hearing...thanks for the info

Sarah Sydenstricker

I only buy Jif too. Anything else is just plain nasty! That said, recall away. Guess who was still doin tomatoes when they were recalled? Me. Guess who was still doing lettuce when it was recalled? Me. The spniach recall dont affect me, I hate that stuff haha. Guess I got a tough tummy, cause it don't bother me none and I've had items on recall I've ate. 

Drago... DragonMom25

not likely to find this in schools, most have gone peanut free anyway....

nonmember avatar Joyfulyet

I tried some chocolate flavored Jiff on 9-9-12 and got Salmonella poisoning!!!!! It lasted 7 days and was horrible! The abdominal cramping was awful! You want to do everything you can no to get it!

Jene Clarke

we don't have those brands in Canada and kids aren't able to take any peanut products to schools.

Terri Gentry

i only buy crazy richard's :)

Chari... Charizma77

We eat all natural peanut butter, not a name brand so I'm not worried.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Oh, yes, cold cuts? THAT is your alternative suggestion? Next week you will be writing about the dangers of deli meat and Listeria. And don't buy food at places other than supermarkets? WOW, either you live under a rock or truly have NO CLUE where your food comes from. That food in convenience stores? at your child's school? at restaurants? It comes from the SAME damn companies that market that food in a retail capacity! Another day, another horribly researched Stir (food) article.

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