Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies With a Fluffy Marshmallow Twist

peanut butter browniesTypically when you mention brownies, people don't get all that excited. They're kind of the basic, fallback dessert that is fine but doesn't make anyone flip. However, when you say peanut butter and fluff swirl fudge brownies with a salty cookie crust, they go crazy. As well they should because these things are crazy good.

From Vanilla Sugar, they are made from some of the best things in life -- peanut butter, marshmallow Fluff, and chocolate. All that is set atop a crunchy cookie crust, and you have one divine dessert.


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Peanut Butter & Fluff Fudge Brownies With Salty Cookie Crust

Cookie Crust:
3 cups of crushed shortbread or butter cookies (I used Lorna Doone)
1 stick butter, melted, cooled a bit
Generous pinch of sea salt

Peanut Butter Fluff Topping:
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 cup marshmallow Fluff

Fudgy Brownies:
1 box of Baked Deep Chocolate Brownie mix

Mix the melted butter with the crushed cookies, adding a nice generous pinch of salt.
Place mixture in well greased or parchment lined 9 x 13 brownie pan.
Make sure to pat down and get into all the corners. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until set. Set aside.

For the brownie mixture: Mix according to box directions. Set aside.

For the pb & fluff swirl: Put the pb and fluff in a bowl and heat up in microwave for about 15-20 seconds to get nice and soft.
Mix a bit, don’t mix all the way as we want to see the different colored swirls.

When ready to bake, pour in the brownie mixture on top of cookie crust.

Then take the pb & fluff mixture and using a spoon. Dollop three lines of mixture down the longest part of pan. Make sure to leave enough space in between lines to see brownie mixture. Using a chopstick, gently make swirls going the opposite direction of the three lines, or however you wish to do this. Try not to make too many swirls as we want to see the various colors of the mix after they’ve baked.

Bake brownies at 325 for 45-55 minutes (mine were done at the 49-minute mark). Let cool in pan for at least an hour. For easier cutting place in fridge for 30 minutes.

Using a wet sharp knife, slice up into small squares.

You should get about 25-30 brownies, depending on how you slice them.

Image via Vanilla Sugar

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