Football Star Spends Mind-Boggling Amount at Cheesecake Factory & We Want to Know How

cheesecake factoryI don't know a damn thing about football, but I do know this: You have to be some kind of creative to spend $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory. That's how much folks in Nashville are saying NFL star Vince Young has been dropping there lately. And by dropping I don't mean Benjamins accidentally falling out of his pockets. According to witnesses, the dude has been known to spend $5,000 a week at Cheesecake Factory, and $6,000 a week at TGI Friday's.

Wow, at least he's getting some high-calorie bang for his buck! But what the hell. How do you even do that? Is he treating the entire team every night for dinner?


Well, he probably bought dinner for at least a few teammates. He blew this dough his rookie year, and apparently it's the custom for rookies to treat teammates on the regular. You could treat eight people to a $125 meal each five nights a week and that's how you'd blow through five grand. Maybe every diner gets their own bottle of $90 Veuve Clicquot!

MAYBE I SHOULD BECOME VINCE YOUNG'S NEW BEST FRIEND. This hanging out with normal people with normal money is so not delivering the Veuve Clicquot I've obviously got coming to me.

But champagne aside, I wonder if they're just treating the restaurant like a Whitman's sampler of chocolates. You know, ordering up a zillion appetizers, taking a bite out of each one. I've definitely wished I could order two entrees that looked equally yummy and just eat half of each. But of course I don't because I am not an NFL star. But I think it would be kind of fun to order everything on the menu just to taste. Just once though -- I don't think I could stomach walking away from all that wasted food night after night! 

If you could spend $5,000 a week on food, where would you eat, and how?


Image via adrian8_8/Flickr

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