Man Bites Into Fried Chicken Sandwich & Gets a Raw Mouthful

raw kfc fried chicken failImagine you're at a fast food restaurant and you bite into your fried chicken sandwich. It's kind of rubbery and hard to swallow. You look down and -- OH DEAR LORD THE CHICKEN IS TOTALLY RAW!

That's what a Reddit user is claiming happened to his friend at a KFC. Boneriffic12 posted an image of a totally-raw-inside (ulp!) sandwich, saying "Fried Chicken #FAIL. My friend ordered a chicken burger from KFC & it came back raw. Yes he ate that bite that's missing." Ooh, I think that has to be the worst part -- that little detail that the poor guy actually ate a bite of this sandwich. Boneriffic12 says his friend was momentarily distracted by the conversation and didn't even notice he was noshing raw bird until he looked down for his next bite. Fried nightmare!


Just a little caveat. We have photographic evidence, and we have boneriffic12's statement (I sigh every time I have to write out that handle). But otherwise the story is still unconfirmed. No response from the Canadian restaurant -- where KFC is called PFK, for "Poulet frit a la Kentucky." But in French or in English this is pretty icky stuff.

Weren't we just talking about KFC? Something about... oh yes, serving spoiled chicken in Texas. Well this new raw chicken incident took place in Ontario, Canada. But still -- raw or spoiled, that's dangerous! Is Salmonella the Colonel's secret ingredient?

The possibility of salmonella contamination is the main thing that makes raw chicken dangerous. And I guess the risk for salmonella is especially high for chicken. After all, we eat raw fish (sushi) and raw beef (carpaccio). The only reason we don't eat raw chicken is because if it's contaminated it could kill us. Or at least make us horrible ill. Ha! That's all! Somewhere in the world I'm sure there's a restaurant serving raw chicken as a delicacy. But on a fast food line there are just too many risk factors.

Anyway, can't you see how this would have happened? Maybe some frozen chicken wasn't thawed enough before it went into the fryer. With that batter coating you wouldn't know until you bit into it. That's the tricky thing! It's a wonder raw fried chicken doesn't happen more often. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, fried chicken fans. Take a good look before you go for that second bite!

Have you ever gotten unintentionally raw or undercooked food at a restaurant?


Image via boneriffic12/Reddit


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