Mom Makes Dinner With Martha Stewart & Mothers Everywhere Are Jealous (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Sep 21, 2012 Food & Party
Mom Makes Dinner With Martha Stewart & Mothers Everywhere Are Jealous (PHOTOS)

martha stewartWhen you think of the perfect hostess, just one name comes to mind: Martha Stewart. Everything she does just looks so darn perfect -- from her prefiteroles to her pasta carbonara. I know I can never exactly replicate those Everyday Living photos, but that doesn't mean I don't try. I've even purchased her cooking utensils and pots thinking, This is what I'm missing when I know darn well I need a lot more help that that.

So when I got the invite for a lesson with the cooking queen herself, I didn't just jump at the chance, I bolted there. The mogul, who will launch her new show Martha Stewart's Cooking School on PBS October 6, was everything I expected -- informative, fun, and yes, a little bit scary. Let me just say, she doesn't suffer culinary fools gladly.

Take a look at what it's like to spend a morning learning from the master!

  • Egg-cellent start!


    We started the morning with a breakfast of scrambled eggs fresh from Martha's Bedford, New York, farm and toast with her homemade jams. Delicious doesn't even begin to explain the taste. When I asked Martha what in the world she fed her fowl, she said, "My hens eat really well. They get fresh vegetables, egg shells, and the scraps from all my test kitchens. But no meat or bones. They are not cannibals!"

  • A citrus surprise!


    The idea of a warm grapefruit had never once entered my mind. Leave it to Martha to turn a tried and true breakfast staple into something amazing and unexpected. She broiled them and garnished with a caramelized blood orange slice. So simple yet so incredible.

  • Kitchen of my dreams!


    Martha's test kitchen was like a work of art. Totally outfitted with her line from Home Depot, it's a cook's dream. Her hope for the new show is to teach everyone the easy basics. "You won't believe how many people don't know how to spatchcock chicken," she said. My blank stare gave me away. After a 'tsk, tsk, tsk' look, she explained that it's the process of butterflying and flattening a chicken to roast.

  • Dressed to impress!


    If by chance the domestic diva ever pays a visit, be forewarned: "When I come over for a visit, I always open everyone's refrigerator," she admitted. Which usually reveals one of her biggest culinary pet peeves. "I did that recently and I had never seen so many bottles of store-bought dressing in my life," she said, clearly still astounded by the memory. "It's just so easy to make. Why buy it. It's so expensive."

    Her deliciously quick recipe: about a cup of olive oil, 3/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, a pinch of sugar, about a 1/4 cup vinegar (balsamic, red wine, or white wine), and 1 tsp Dijon mustard. Shake vigorously and pour over fresh greens.

  • Garlic how-to


    "You don't know the right way to peel garlic," she said in utter shock. Oh the shame! Quickly she dispatched a helper to find two stainless steel bowls so she could demonstrate. You place the garlic in one, cover with the other, and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. It was like magic watching her pull out those perfectly peeled cloves. Though when she asked how to clean the garlic smell off one's hands, I finally had a right answer: rub them on stainless steel.

  • Rocking rigatoni


    Martha's take on macaroni and cheese: You don't have to stick to just elbow pasta. Rigatoni and penne work great if serving big groups. And use a combo of Gruyere, fontina, parmesan, and cheddar for the creamiest dish you've ever tasted. Best of all, her quick and easy recipe is no-bake!

  • Hard-boiled bliss!


    We've all been there. Hovering over a stove, trying to figure out when to stop cooking that boiled egg. Here's Martha's can't-miss recipe: Place 6 eggs in a pot and add water making sure eggs are completely covered ("I like two inches of water over the eggs," she informed). Bring to boil, then cut off the stove. Cover the pot and let the eggs sit for 13 minutes exactly. "We tested 12 minutes, 14 minutes, and more, but 13 produced the perfect amount of creaminess in the center," she promised.

  • Until we Tweet again!


    It wasn't all shop talk, you know. Martha is also very proud of her social networking capabilities. "I’m up to 2.6 million followers but not all of them are my favorite people," she quips. "I get some real weirdos. If I’m tweeting at night and make a misspelling, they think I'm drunk. It's just because I'm typing in the dark."

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