Restaurant Accused of Refusing to Host Gay Wedding Has a Laughable Excuse

wedding cakeOh for the love of Adam and Steve! A restaurant in an uber-gay neighborhood in Manhattan supposedly backed out of catering a gay wedding because catering the gays is "bad feng shui." Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng planned to have their rehearsal dinner at Amber Village and then have the restaurant cater their wedding reception. All seemed fine until the manager they were working with said they might have to move the event to a sister restaurant.

Okay, no problem, the couple rolled with it. But then allegedly the senior manager put the kibosh on the wedding -- and fired the manager who planned it! Not only that, he never returned Barrett and Thomas' $750 deposit. And worst of all, the senior manager supposedly said a big group of gay parties would be "bad feng shui" for the restaurant. WHAT?


Okay, I guess it's any business owner (or manager's?) right to decide who they'll serve... sort of. Except it's also kind of a civil rights violation, too. And now Barrett and Thomas are suing the restaurant.

Way to go, bigoted senior manager! Not only is the restaurant now in legal trouble, they also look like total jerks. Not to mention -- what the hell does this have to do with feng shui? Oh never mind, I'm not even going to touch that one.

If you're going to be a bigot at least refund the guys' money! But I just have to shake my head every time someone refuses to throw a gay party. It's just bad business sense! Gay marriage is not going away -- it's just getting started. There are big, elaborate, expensive parties that need to be thrown. SHAKE THOSE MONEY TREES, MAN! What is the matter with you? It's mean-spirited and it's just shooting yourself in the food. But hey, it's your right (kind of, more or less). So if you've gotta be a less-money-making jerk I guess you have to pursue your dream.

What do you think of businesses that refuse to serve gay weddings?


Image via Etereal9/Flickr


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