Popcorn Machine That Shoots Popcorn Into Your Mouth Is a Gift From God (VIDEO)

popinatorHey kids, here's something each and every one of us needs in our cubicle: The Popinator. It's an "automatic snacking device" that shoots a kernel of popcorn into your gaping maw whenever you call out, "Pop!" It's like The Clapper, only much more delicious and for people who still have their teeth. NOM.

You'll have to see the video for yourself to decide if this is what's been missing from your life all along. But can I just point out -- you don't even really have to strategically place the thing in exactly the right spot. The little cannon swivels around toward the direction of your voice! Why, it's a miracle of snackhood. Check it out.


Yeah, they get a little geeky for a while there. But still -- imagine the possibilities! I love that it lets you eat popcorn without getting your fingers messy. As a writer that would be awesome. And that gets me thinking -- how far is it from the Popinator to the Doritosinator or the Cheese Ballinator or the Chocolate-Covered Almondinator? I don't think this should end with just popcorn!

Er, well, it hasn't even really begun. I guess it's still just a "project" that you can't really buy yet. And I wonder if we ever will -- can't you see people complaining that it's a chocking hazard? (It probably is, if you're a child or a knucklehead.) Oh Whopperinator, will you always just be a figment of my imagination?

Would you ever want a Popinator of your own?


Image via thepopinatorproject/YouTube

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