Hot Guys Pose Naked With Cupcakes in Sexiest.Cookbook.Ever (VIDEO)

man candy cupcakesJust when you thought a cupcake ATM was the most delectable development to hit the baking world since red velvet, here comes Babe Scott, also known as culinary personality "The Lazy Hostess," with another ahhhhmazing addition to the cupcake world: Hunky man candy! Scott is running a Kickstarter campaign for her brand-new cookbook, aimed at marrying hot, half-naked men with mouthwatering cupcake recipes "for the first time in culinary/literary history." Yeah, it's as hilarious and amazing as it sounds! 

Better yet, the 100-plus page cookbook's not going to feature completely random pinup type studmuffins. Nope, the basically-in-the-buff dudes are actually "the world's sexiest bakers," says Scott. Woo hoo! What's not to love about that?!

In a cheeky effort to raise interest (and dough!), Babe and the bakers put together an eye-popping video. Check it out ...


AHH, it's too much! I can't! Ha! The pouty guy, OMG! So funny. 

Okay, clearly, Babe Scott is a GENIUS. I'm sure most of us can agree with her that "there is nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen, particularly if he has a packed pantry!" Bahahaha.

Whether or not they make their Kickstarter goal -- though, I really hope they do, because it will ensure they have enough cash for "styling, expert photography and design, not to mention whipped cream and snug-fitting boxer shorts!" -- I have a feeling this cookbook is destined to be a scrumptious success. And the perfect gift for anyone from your fave baker to bachelorette!

Would you support/check out this cookbook?


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