Scott Disick Almost Makes One Mom's Restaurant Fantasy Come True

RYU snack window, where the magic happensWhen we heard Scott Disick's restaurant RYU was opening a "snack window" where you could buy sandwiches for under $20 we were stoked thrilled moderately excited. But when we heard Scott Disick himself would be serving at the window on Saturday? Holy waffle fries, count us in!

This I had to see! So I packed up my skeptical eight-year-old and rolled into the Meat Packing District, the uber-hip Manhattan neighborhood RYU calls home. Everything was perfect: It was a gorgeous, sunny day. All the beautiful people were milling about, looking vaguely like Kardashians. There was just one, small, key element missing.


The window was supposed to open at 2:00, but since I'm a mom with things to do on a Saturday we didn't get there until 3:30. And there was no Scott Disick there. OH NOES, WAS I TOO LATE FOR THE DISICK?!? What a bummer. All because of that dumb mom stuff I had to get done earlier. Maybe he showed up for the first hour or so and then went back to you exciting Kardashian life? Dang.

In fact, there was no one at the window at first. Not a soul on either side. We peered in can called, "Hello? Anyone there? Anyone? Hello?" Finally some cute guy who was not Scott Disick took our orders. We got the J Pop sandwich (shrimp tempura with Napa cabbage, yuzo kosho, and shishito peppers) and the waffle fries with wasabi Kewpie mayo. Our order took forever to fill -- enough time for me to discover the unpleasant hot exhaust vent located right underneath the window, where your legs would be if you were ordering. Could it be the Breath of Disick?

ryu snack window

But that was the ickiest part. By the time we got our order there was a young, hip couple waiting behinds us. We took our sandwich and fries up to the nearby elevated park, The High Line.

j pop sandwich

waffle fries

There were things I liked about the sandwich -- the pepper, the cabbage, the seasonings. But the tempura wasn't that crispy, and it all begged the question of why you'd put breaded food inside bread. (And why would I then order it???) The waffle fries rawked.

Along the way we saw what RYU is up against -- adorable places like this with outdoor seating.

restaurant the highline
OMG, sweeet! Not RYU.
Oof, RYU has no adorable snacky garden like this. Maybe it's appeal will boost when winter comes? But you know, a celeb sighting or two wouldn't hurt, either! I guess what they say is true -- the early bird gets the tempura sandwich served by that guy who's Kourtney Kardashian's baby-daddy.

Would you show up for Scott Disick to serve you a sandwich?


Images via Adriana Velez

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