Mom Tours Sausage Factory & Is Shocked by What She Saw (PHOTOS)

bundle of cotechinoMost people say they don't want to know what goes in the sausage. But I've always wanted to know! So when I got the chance to tour a sausage factory, I jumped at it. A friend of mine works at Creminelli Fine Meats, a traditional Italian sausage and meat producer smack in the middle of Utah. Christiano Creminelli moved his family's generations-old family business from the Piedmont region to Utah in 2007, and the rest is delicious history. This is special sausage -- the kind you treat yourself and your loved ones to around the holidays.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we went on our tour. My son was allowed to join us, so I figured it would at least be safe. Would there be squealing pigs and giant mixers? Hardly. Here are a few surprising things I learned about sausage.


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