'Housewives' Stars Chris & Albie Manzo's New Restaurant Should Have THIS Killer Menu

pastaLooks like Chris and Albie Manzo will be following in their parents' footsteps. The Real Housewives of New Jersey brothers plan to open a new restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey.

They certainly have the right experience for the risky venture. Working at Caroline and Albert Manzo's banquet hall the Brownstone basically since birth has certainly given them the skills needed for the new gig. Another inspiration for the biz? With all the drama they've endured during the four seasons of that Bravo bitch-fest, there is bound to be a Teresa Guidice-inspired dish on the menu. At least we hope so. Take a look at the (guaranteed crowd-pleasing) mock menu we've whipped up for the Manzos.


What a Pesce  This grilled fish dish is inspired by the most annoying co-star in the show's history -- Danielle Staub. In case you've forgotten, she inspired Teresa's infamous table flip. Danielle may have only lasted one season, but her drama is seared into their memory forever. A dab of lemon adds an appropriate amount of bitter to the bite.

Attac-trazzini  The baked chicken and noodle dish pays homage to the fact that you always have to be on your toes when hanging with the Housewives. You never know who's gonna turn on you next. 

Gnocchi You Out  Those long acrylic nails could easily take out an eye, though none of the ladies have ever actually thrown a blow. It's bound to happen one day though.

Feudiccine  This hearty noodle and cream sauce recipe represents the fact that their beefs are more epic than the Hatfields and McCoys.

Fusilli Girls  Anything will spark an argument on Real Housewives. Copy the paint color in Teresa's bathroom and bam -- you got an enemy for life. Just silly.

Venomcelli  Since the women are as trustworthy as agitated vipers, what better than a slithery, thin pasta dish to pay homage to their betrayals.

Would you eat at the Manzo brothers' new restaurant?


Image via Kai Hendry/Flickr

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