Snooki Cheats on Her Diet But It Was Totally Worth It

oreo chocolate cookie snookiSnooki is working very hard to lose those 35 (very reasonable) pounds she gained during her pregnancy. She's working out and she's dieting, choking down those hateful egg whites. Wonder Woman! Look at her go. And here she is eating a chocolate-covered Oreo.

WAIT A MINUTE! That's not part of your diet! Snooki, are you cheating? She tweeted this photo of the cookie with "Omg. Oreo chocolate cookie. #YummyHeartAttack." You know what? I just ate a chocolate-covered Oreo the other day myself. And I don't blame her one bit. If there's anything worth cheating on your diet with, it's that. Only don't tell Snooki, but mine even had caramel. ZOMG!

I don't want to encourage anyone, but here are a few treats worth cheating for -- maybe just once!


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