Fast Food Workers Claim They Fried Up Spoiled Chicken for Their Customers (VIDEO)

fried chickenAmerica, prepare to be grossed out, especially if you love fast food fried chicken. According to former KFC employees, a franchise in Texas was serving-up spoiled food to its customers. Chicken that smelled so rank employees say they almost threw up was fried up and sold to customers.

Ew! Why would that do that? And couldn't the customers tell? Wouldn't the chicken still taste kind of off? Worst of all, why is the manager of the franchise still working there?!? Something (ahem) fishy must be going on there.


KFC policy says workers should sell chicken within 10 days of its sell date. But former and current employees said they sold it as late as 16 days after the sell date. Supposedly a phone conversation captures the manager telling and employee to cook what she could of the spoiled chicken (just not the worst of it) and then change the dates on the boxes. Zoikes!

One former employee -- a mom, of course -- was so disturbed by the spoiled food that she had her husband call the local health services department. And it took them five days to finally come out and investigate! By then all the spoiled chicken had been cooked and served, but the smell still lingered.

At least KFC corporate was concerned enough that they shut down the store for a week to investigate and to retrain its employees. Miraculously the manager is still working there. 

Seems to me that this is all the manager's fault. Wouldn't he be the one in charge of managing inventory? He should be ordering just as much chicken as he can sell while it's still safe and fresh. I wonder if he just couldn't get a handle on the numbers, and just had his employees serve spoiled chicken to cover up his incompetence. Someone please tell me he was one of the employees who was re-trained, at least!

As for the customers, I wonder if anyone noticed a bad taste. Cooking would burn off the worst of the smell, I'm sure. But wouldn't there still be a lingering funky flavor? And if your chicken tasted funky, would you say something about it? Thank goodness there have been no reported illnesses.


Have you ever suspected your food of being spoiled?


Image via KHOU11

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