Restaurant That Put Edible Condoms on the Menu Apparently Likes to Make People Gag

candy condom

Warning! This meal may set off your gag reflex before you even open your mouth!

World renowned Hong Kong chef Alvin Leung is getting a lot of attention for his signature "Sex on the Beach" dish and it's nothing like it sounds.

The slithery pink, edible condom laid over powdered shiitake mushrooms (made to look like sand) conjures up some feelings all right, but sexy isn't one of them.


The sugar and water love glove is made by dipping a cigar tube into the mixture. He then squeezes a thick honey and Yunnan ham mixture into it to simulate the ... well ... you know. Unappetizing doesn't even begin to describe this so-called meal. I'm sure it probably tastes okay -- the guy does run the two-star Michelin restaurant Bo Innovation -- but the look of the thing is just, just ICK!

I’m no culinary expert, but I have a few tips for this chef. Sexy foods = strawberries, chocolate, champagne, macaroons. Honestly, I’d even say curly fries are sexier than this concoction. Yet, I would probably still order it and here's why -- if you can stomach it -- you should too. Alvin said he created the dish to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. At his Hong Kong eatery, all proceeds of the $9 plate go to charity. Is that cool or what?

See how the candy condom is made:

Would you eat this edible condom? What's the strangest meal you've ever had?

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