8 Dessert Porn Pics to Really Turn You On (PHOTOS)

8 Dessert Porn Pics to Really Turn You On (PHOTOS)

cheesecakeCinnamon bun cheesecake.It's funny that no one ever talks about the 11th commandment. God didn't just stop at 10, people. After He got done telling us all about how not to covet our neighbors and that stealing is a no-no, He loosened up His buttons a little and got real. I guess it's His casual tone in the 11th commandment that makes scholars wary about how serious He was, but I happen to like God's most down to earth and elusive edict: "When thou days kind of sucketh, look at photos of Heavenly desserts to get thyself through. Pass the sprinkles, Jesus."

God was on to something. Looking at pics of gorgeous, decadent desserts is enough to turn anyone's frown upside down. Peruse these 8 photos of dessert food porn to brighten your mood, and remember, God wanted it this way.

What's your favorite dessert to eat/look at?


Photo via Auntie KatKat/Flickr

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