Attack On Deep-Fried Candy Bars Is Absurd

deep-fried mars barMost of us are probably starting to think of candy bars more in terms of what we'll enjoy come Halloween than at a state fair. But plenty of gluttons wouldn't still sign up for the greasier version of their fave candy bar year round if they could. And there's a place where you can get one no matter the time of year: The Carron Fish Bar in Scotland, which claims to have invented deep-fried Mars bars about 20 years ago and now touts it as their "flagship product"!

Sadly, though, Mars, Inc. isn't cool with seeing their signature candy bar turned into a deep-fried treat. The BBC recently reported that the company has written the bar's owners, seeking a disclaimer for Carron Fish Bar's menu, because they don't authorize or endorse the treat, as it goes against their "commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles." OH RLY?!


Sorry, I can't help but snicker. (No pun intended.) Are they serious?! I'm not saying they need to endorse or authorize the Carron Fish Bar's deep-fried Mars bar, and I understand why they might want a disclaimer, but their rationale for asking for it is just giggle-worthy!

Of course fried candy bars are bad, crazy artery-clogging, and pretty much the last thing anyone in their right mind who cares about their health should be eating. But let's be honest. Candy bars on their own aren't exactly that much better. Neither version is exactly a health product, a protein or vitamin bar. I'm sure docs and dentists agree -- either sweet should only be a once-in-a-while indulgence. (Okay, well, maybe the fried one should be a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence ...)

At any rate, the Carron Fish Bar folks aren't putting up a fight. They said they'll gladly slap a disclaimer on their menu. Fair enough, and hopefully, Mars will be content with that -- especially considering that Carron's is doing nothing but basically offering them free -- albeit fried -- advertising.

What do you think about what Mars has to say about the fried version of their candy bar?

Image via Peter Shanks/Flickr

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