8 Processed Foods That Are Nice, Not Naughty

hummusWhen it comes to dinner, I have an evil twin. The "good" me believes in cooking whole foods from scratch, every damn night. Then we sit around the table and eat like civilized people with cloth napkins and conversation and everything.

But a few nights a week my evil twin comes home from work with something different in mind. She's tired. She's hungry. She's late. No time for "real" cooking -- I've got to whip up something fast. But I hate craptastic "processed" food because it tastes like genetically-modified iguana tears and will give me cancer/diabetes/gas/a bad disposition.

Except for my arsenal of super-duper, surprisingly-nutritious, not-craptastic secret weapons! Here are some evil-twin ready-made meals that even the "good" me approves of.


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