7 of the Most Wicked Restaurant Tip & Bill Stories of the Year

Adriana Velez | Sep 4, 2012 Food & Party
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  • Totally Racist Bill


    And on the other end of the crazy food bill spectrum, there's Minhee Cho, who got a receipt from Papa John's identifying her as "lady chinky eyes." Nice going, asshat. Minhee got the last laugh, though, after she posted the bill to Twitter and let the whole world share in her disgust.

  • Locked Inside the Restaurant!



    A Houston family was actually locked inside a restaurant because they refused to pay a tip. On the one hand, the restaurant is very clear about charging a 17 percent gratuity for parties of five or more. Buyer beware! On the other hand, it sounds like the service was abysmal. But perhaps locking diners inside a restaurant is not the best customer service, no?

  • Greedy Banker Tips 1 Percent


    Ooh, this one is the worst! Just to be a jerk, a banker left his waitress a 1 percent tip and wrote "get a real job" on the bill. OH BUT WAIT -- this story was later proven a hoax! My faith in humanity is restored.

  • Tip or Car Loan?


    And finally, another heart-warming tale of generosity. An anonymous couple, regulars at a Houston restaurant, left a waiter a $5,000 tip after his car was destroyed in a storm. The waiter wants to treat it as a loan, but either way it's awfully sweet.

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