7 of the Most Wicked Restaurant Tip & Bill Stories of the Year

tipWhen it comes to exchanging money at restaurants, I think most of us usually do the right thing. We try to show each other respect. It's the humane thing to do, right? If you can't tip properly, stay the hell home! We SANE people keep the world running smoothly.

But then there are the others. The jerks who refuse to tip. The surly employees who leave offensive messages on our receipts. And also the wonderfully crazy people who leave out-sized tips -- and tip the whole balance of the universe. Here are a few of our favorite wacky restaurant tipping and billing stories.

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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Cops confiscate $12k tip left in a pizza box because it smelled like drugs??  Could it possibly have smelled like oregano?!?

abbie... abbie.alder

I hope that waitress gets her money back, that is really wrong of the police to keep it like that.

Susie19 Susie19

Those cops taking that woman's tip are ridiculous..oh and "lady chinky eyes".....really?? What a Freakin jerk!! SMH

cmjaz cmjaz

Examples of the best and the stupid of humanity. Lady chinky eyes...what an asshole.

nonmember avatar PJ's sucks!

That paps Johns issue happens all the time bc the staff are idiots. How hard is it to ask for someone's name? No, instead they put in some descriptive term not realizing it prints out on their receipt.

geeky... geekychick

I always tip well having worked somewhere where I lived off my tips but tips should be based on service. I dislike atomatic gratuity its not a tip if your making me pay it thats a bill. If a waiter knows they are already going to get 15% they dont give the same level of service as someone who is working for the tip. But also times are hard right now so I dont get waiters that are complaining about recieving a 15% tip.  If the bill is small yeah that means a smaller tip its just part of working in that field. Sorry I ate alone and my bill was on $15 but $4 tip is still 30%. 

MeowLove MeowLove

i tip (or dont) based on service! and not just food, im counting hairstylists too! i almost never work out the right percentage, if the server was exceptionally warming to me, he/she gets a nice big tip! if they were mediocre, guess what? mediocre tip, not that i think i deserve greatness from everyone, but a smiling face doesnt hurt. oh and if your a total douche you get nothing. i had one woman wax my eyebrows and she was mean to me! i was trying to make small talk and she pretty much ignored me the entire time unless it was to tell me to take my glasses off. no tip for you lady lol 

mistync mistync

I had a regular tip me right at $500 dollars on a $15 dollar tab once because business had been really slow and a coworker told him I was having financial difficulties. Then management told me they couldn't approve it because it exceeded the bill. My coworker found me in the back crying and called the customer to tell him what happened so he brought me a check.

coppe... copperked

One of the best tip stories I've ever heard was by Suze Orman (the financial guru). She was a waitress for about a decade after graduating from business school, and she wanted to open her own restaurant but wasn't financially able. So a table of her regular customers, who were business men who knew about her dreams, left her a variety of cash, check and IOUs on napkins to help her get started. The rest of the story is bittersweet: She went to a financial consultant to invest her mega-tip only to get schwindled and lose all of it, so she had to confront the big man upstairs at the investment company about his consultant illegally investing her money in high-risk investments that she couldn't afford. She offered the investment boss an ultimatum: give me my money back, get sued, or hire me and teach me how to invest the right way. He made the right choice, hired her, and look where she is now.

Kristi Dwelis

When did tips become mandatory? A tip, to me, is acknowledging that the person providing the service did a good job, ABOVE AND BEYOND a reasonable expectation. If I get a pedicure and I don't think it was a particularly good job, I don't feel the need to tip her. That may make me an asshole I guess.....

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