More Mangoes Recalled After Salmonella Outbreak: Is Your Fruit Tainted Too?

mango recallI hate to break it to you all, but there's a mango recall happening and it ain't pretty: 105 salmonella poisoning outbreaks in 16 states, and up to 900,000 mangoes possibly contaminated. That's nearly a million. Doggone it, food poisoning outbreaks: You can take my bagged lettuce and my meatballs, but I will not let you ruin mangoes, too!

What am I saying? I am powerless in the face of this recall. So if you're a fan of mangoes, better keep reading to make sure your fruit is safe.


The contaminated mangoes came from a grower in Mexico and are sold under the brand name Daniela. If you've got a Daniela sticker on your mango, look for the following numbers: 4051, 4959, 4311, 4584, or 3114. A winning sticker will get you a free tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Sorry, I'm just kidding about that. But if your mango has any of those numbers, you should definitely throw out the fruit and then wash your hands thoroughly.

Now here's the good news: If you haven't gotten sick from mangoes yet, you probably won't this time around. (But still check your fruit anyway.) The outbreak is believed to have affected mangoes sold between July 12 and August 29. Mangoes are usually ripe for eating after about five days or less, so most of those contaminated mangoes should have been eaten or destroyed by now.

The FDA is looking into how this contamination happened. When processed and pre-packaged food gets contaminated, it's a little less surprising than when whole foods are contaminated. But at any rate, check out their website for updates and more information about the mango recall. Also: Boo hoo. I hate it when bad contamination happens to good fruit.

How often do you eat mangoes?


Image via FutureExpat/Flickr

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