Thousands of Coffee Makers Recalled for Steam-Spewing Meltdowns

steaming coffeeThe best part of waking up is definitely NOT getting blasted in the face with steam and burning coffee grounds (though I guess that would get rid of the groggies right quick). Anyway, that's why Mr. Coffee is currently recalling over 600,000 Mr. Coffee Single Cup Brewers: 59 (rather disgruntled) people so far have been burned on their faces, upper bodies and hands while attempting to make their morning joe. Yikes!

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, "apparently the problem arises when the power of the steam building in the water reservoir pops the chamber open and causes the brewer to erupt in hot water and coffee grounds."

Yeah, that sounds like a problem, all right. And honestly, I'm not all that surprised ...


Because as soon as I read about this recall, I had a flashback. A flashback to one scary morning in my grandmother's kitchen, trying to make myself a pot of coffee using her ... wait for it ... Mr. Coffee automatic drip machine. There I was, bleary and bumbling, waiting for my cuppa joe, when suddenly I heard a terrifying noise. A sort of hisssss .... POP! Kersplooooowie. EEEK! I'M AWAKE, I'M AWAKE!!

Point is, I've been suspicious of those coffee makers ever since that morning. (I think that's when I got into French Press.)

So, to sum up: If you purchased a Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker in black with silver, red or white trim for $80 at a store like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or Walmart (or online), you might want to check and see if it's on this list. (And if it is, stop using it! They'll send you a new one!)

Has your coffee maker ever exploded at you?


Image via jenny dowling/Flickr

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