Fast Food Restaurant Exposed for 'Cheating' Customers Out of Change (VIDEO)

chipotle burrito bowlWhen we go out for dinner, we're looking for a time-out from the regular grind. Sure we may be going out because we want to check out that new restaurant or we're hankering for a burrito, but also because dining out means someone else is doing the cooking, serving, and cleaning up. And we pay a pretty penny for that. Apparently, Chipotle customers in some areas have been -- perhaps unknowingly -- paying extra pennies for it.

The story actually broke in New Jersey, where customers at several locations were noticing Chipotle "cheated" on their bills. Check totals were being rounded to the nearest nickel ... So, say your burrito bowl plus guac adds up to $8.99. They'd be rounding up a penny so they could charge an even $9. Sketchy, right?


The restaurant claims they've been doing it in high-traffic areas, because it makes check-outs and, in turn, the lines moving faster. I appreciate that, but truly, what are they saving by scrapping pennies? Seconds? Seems like a silly, strange way to save time.

I have to admit, as someone who relies on Chipotle (in Jersey!) for a quick, healthy, easy weeknight dinner from time to time, it has probably happened to me multiple times. But I've never thought twice about it. Now that it's been brought to my -- and many other customers' -- attention, though, I am totally going to take note.

Sure, they're just measly little pennies, but pennies add up. Rounding any amount seems like a slippery slope ... (What's next, rounding to the nearest dime?) Plus, this rounding nonsense really makes a person feel gypped or forced to pay extra (even if it is 1 cent or 4 cents more) for nothing.

The good news is that Chipotle says that from now on, they'll simply round down instead of up -- giving customers a teeny-weeny discount -- and note the difference on a "rounding line" on receipts. Nice. But ultimately, I'm thinkin' most people would rather just pay the price of their meal plus tax. No more, no less, regardless of playin' around with pennies.

Check out this video for more on the Chipotle fiasco ...

What do you think about this rounding up/down business? Would it make you feel gypped?

Image via Social Mediarts/Flickr

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