Proposing Over 'Squirting-Crust Pizza' Sounds Like an Engagement Dinner Disaster (VIDEO)

woman eating squirting-crust pizzaFrom viral videos to flash mobs and "wedding proposal planner"- designed question-popping, marriage proposals seem to be getting wackier and wackier these days. Nonetheless, you still hear about plenty of old-fashioned guys who get down on one knee in an old-school romantic way. Like over a fancy, candelit dinner at a romantic restaurant.

But there are definitely some types of restaurants -- serving certain types of food -- better suited to proposals than others. In a new commercial, Pizza Hut Malaysia seems to want to convince customers that their hot new dish, "squirting-crust pizza" that oozes with a "burst of cheese and tangy sauce" is the perfect dish to get engaged over!

Check out the spot ...


Awww, that is a "great ending" if I ever saw one. But I'm still not so sure this kind of dish is really ideal for a marriage proposal, you know? With all that potentially burn-your-mouth, spurting hot cheese and sauce, like there's a pretty major risk for it to get really messy ... really fast! You just never know how a woman is going to react upon hearing those four loaded words, and no groom-to-be would want his bride-to-be suffering from sauce-coated dress syndrome or an inflamed mouth as she's trying to say "Yes!"

Instead, anyone looking to put a ring on it might wanna stick to "safer" foods to propose over. Like ... an entree easily eaten with a fork ... not a fork and a knife (like steak). Then again, asking her whilst she's wielding anything sharp and pointy is a possible disaster. Maybe best to stick to room-temp finger foods ... just not anything that's going to coat or mess up her hands she's going to need to slip the bling on!

Oh hell, you know what? Forget it. Whether it's while you're scarfing down piping-hot Pizza Hut or mocha lattes, there's no telling how a proposal is going to go down. Probably just best to cross your fingers and hope that your proposal plays out in the cleanest and most appetizing way possible! And even if it doesn't ... you're still sure to have a deliciously entertaining memory!

What kind of restaurant do you think is the best suited to a proposal?

Image via PizzaMyHut/YouTube

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