Scary 'Snooki & Baby' Burgers Will Kill Your Appetite for the 'Jersey Shore' Momma

snookiEveryone's over-the-moon for Snooki, who welcomed baby Lorenzo Dominic LaValle to the world Jersey Shore this weekend. And I mean everyone. Even people who own a burger chain in Bethesda, Maryland called BGR. They've announced that in honor of little Enzo's birth, they'll be bringing back their "Snooki burger" -- from now until the end of September. Yay?

So what exactly does a Snooki burger entail? A beef patty topped with a meatball? A leopard-printed bun? A generous slathering of tanning oil? Oh! I know! LOADS of PICKLES. Obviously, right?!


Actually, no. Ha. It's a beef patty topped with fresh, split, and grilled jalapenos, Philadelphia-brand cream cheese, and the restaurant's signature "mojo" sauce on a brioche bun. Err, okay, why not?! Guess they were going more for a representation of Snooki's 'tude -- spicy and saucy!

But don't expect the burger to fist-pump your taste buds into oblivion. When the special addition to the menu was introduced back in 2010, a blogger described it as tasting "EXACTLY how you would imagine it to: like shame and self-tanner." Ewwww.

Still, someone out there must dig the flavor combo. (BGR wouldn't be bringing it back otherwise ... you would think ... ) And anyone craving a Snooki burger is in even more luck, because this time around, BGR will offer customers who order the Snooki burger a free "baby" slider version of the sandwich to pay tribute to the Jersey Shore star's offspring. Sounds absolutely ... stomachache-inducing.

But hey, BGR still deserves props for the sweet savory gesture. I'm sure Snooki and her little meatball appreciate the publicity.

Would you try a Snooki burger?


Image via MTV

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