‘Butter’ the Movie Makes Us Wonder What Other Foods Deserve to Be Stars (VIDEO)

'Butter' Jennifer GarnerThat's one impressive car made of butter.Just when I thought Hollywood had gone and done it all, I've been wronged. The latest sitch is that there's a whole movie coming out stateside October 5 about a particular dairy product that's made by churning cream or milk. You know, one that's most commonly used as a condiment. Oh, and I betchya that you've used it baking a few times, too. Meet Butter. A REAL film. With REAL big-name actors. Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone. BAM. See, I told you.

I know what you're thinking: whoa whoa WHOA (Blossom style). A whole movie dedicated to BUTTER?! The thing that, like, is supposed to make me chubby wubby if I eat too much? A fatty-no-friends?

Heck. Yes. The film is set in small-town Iowa and focuses on an intense butter carving battle between a local woman (Garner) and a small adopted girl. Really though, has Hollywood just run out of storylines? Or is there something legit here? Let's take a look, shall we?


Epic, right? I mean, the movie looks ... good? Jennifer Garner has this totally charming way about her, and Olivia Wilde as a stripper? Jack. Pot.

I can't help but wonder -- what other foods are there that could earn their own flick? I imagine Hot Dog centered around the world of competitive hot dog eating with a guest appearance by Joey Chestnut and starring Bobby Flay in his big screen acting debut. Or ooooh -- Cranberry starring Taylor Swift as an orphan girl adopted by two loving parents; let's cast Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio, who own their own cranberry big in bumblefuck Washington. Hmm, but we'd have to find a role for that Conor Kennedy, considering they're attached at the hip and eloping and all that jazz.

So much untapped food potential in Hollywood. Whether or not Butter will be a blockbuster, though, is still questionable. The bigger question: will there be matinee specials on buttered popcorn? Shoot. A girl can hope.

Would you go see Butter? Have any wacky food movie concepts of your own?

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