5 Ways to Make Popcorn That's ALMOST as Good as Cupcakes (PHOTOS)

caramel cornThe Huffington Post recently ran an article that posed a provocative question: "Is Popcorn the New Cupcakes?" Writer Anneli Rufus mused as to how the classic treat has been showing up on the menus of fancy restaurants across the country, and wondered if it could just be the latest in the string of desserts in which "low-culture-meets-high-culture and kiddie-classics-go-ironic."

I would argue that nothing will ever be the next cupcake, but if anything could give those perfect little pastries a run for their money, it's popcorn. Versatile, crunchy, and a fantastic way to combine sweet and salty flavors, the ways to prepare it are endless. Here are five incredible recipes for popcorn that's almost as good as cupcakes.

Which do you like better -- popcorn or cupcakes?


Image via Vegan Feast Catering/Flickr


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