Single Mom Waitress' Unspeakably Generous Tip Gives Her Kids a Day to Remember (VIDEO)

kristen ruggiero rhode island waitress 1000 percent tipSay you're a single mom to three kids who works hard as a waitress at a pizza parlor that pays a measly $2.89 an hour ... plus tips, of course. Sure, some nights you might take home $60-$100 in tips, but that's no guarantee. Then one day, a couple whose bill comes to a grand total of $42 leaves you ... $458! What on earth ... Would you buy it?

Hardworking single mom to three Kristen Ruggiero, who has worked at Uncle Tony's Pizza in Cranston, Rhode Island for 15 years, couldn't believe it was happening to her when it did. But it's true -- two extremely generous patrons left her a 1,000 percent tip. Because they could and because she deserved it. 


Ruggiero's co-worker, Christine Lamoureux, told the local news station:

We were just so happy for her because she deserves it out of anyone at this place the most. Because she's a single mother of three and she works so hard and she's just an amazing person.

Sounds about right! Especially when you consider what Ruggiero did with the extra cash: She was able to "pay a couple of bills," as "it's tough, you know, struggling day by day." And she has also able to pay for a couple of trips to Six Flags with her kids. Aww!

When you hear a story like this, you can't help but think about what a difference a generous tip could make for a server when you're dining out. 

Maybe it's because I briefly dated stingy guys who were nightmarish, neurotic, nitpicky tippers, but one of the small but lovely traits I so admire about my fiance is that he always -- unless we were majorly aggrieved somehow -- tips very generously. And it's almost always noticed and appreciated. And he just does it because he feels like it's the right thing to do -- even in circumstances where it's not necessary or customary. I like to think if we were ever to win the lottery or come into some big bucks, we could offer even heftier tips like this one ... You never know whose day, month, or even year you could make by just being even a bit more altruistic.

Check out this video for more on Ruggiero's story ...

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Does this make you want to give better tips?


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