10 'Sugar & Spice' Wedding Desserts for a Sweet & Sassy Ending (PHOTOS)

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bride and groom toppersSometimes it's rough being a foodie. There are certain, super-hyped dishes I have such high expectations for that they consistently disappoint. For instance, I feel like I've had yet to taste the ultimate penne vodka, mac 'n' cheese, Buffalo wings ... Funny enough, I feel the same way about wedding cake. Maybe it's just not all it's cracked up to be? Maybe that's why some brides are trading their cake for other desserts (like my friend who is a pastry chef and served homemade pies and adorable, decadent cupcakes in mason jars)?

I love the idea of a wedding cake too much to do that, though. What's more, because I'm much more into sweets than savory dishes, I've even recently begun thinking of tweaking our budget to include additional desserts. So, in honor of brides like me who care more about the wedding treats than the wedding dinner, here are some awesome new wedding dessert ideas to satisfy any guest's sweet tooth ...

1. Gelato bar - I could go for fro-yo, premium ice cream, soft serve, even vegan frozen desserts any time of the day, any day of the year, but the creamy texture of Italian-style gelato usually beats all of the above. That's why guests are sure to love having their choice of several gelato flavors at an action station. (Yep, there's already one on our wedding menu!)

gelato in firenze

2. S'mores bar - Ever since I saw this on Pinterest, I've thought what a cute idea it is to let your guests toast their own marshmallows and put together their own campfire-ready dessert. Yum!

3. Cupcakes - An obvious one these days, but nothing beats 'em for offering a variety of flavors, textures, fillings ..What's not to love?

4. Pies - Full or petite versions of your favorite pies -- from blueberry to raspberry or even coconut cream -- are sure to be a hit with a wide variety of guests.

5. Cake pops - Totally trendy and oh-so-cute, cake pops can be decorated any which way you please and allow guests to try a few different cake flavors in "mini" form.

6. Coffee station - Sure, you could have your guests served coffee by wait staff, or you could let 'em order Starbucks-style at a coffee/espresso "station," which, for some reason, ends up being a lot more fun!

7. Serve yourself bulk candy - Who doesn't want to feel like a "kid in a candy shop"?

8. International dessert bar - Give your guests a faux trip to Epcot with a global taste test. They'll love topping their own French crepe with a variety of combos, from ice cream and honey or fudge sauce with banana slices. Perhaps picking out a pistachio or chocolate cannoli. Or how 'bout a choice of Mexican cookies or Greek baklava? Mmm!

crepe topped with ice cream

9. Spiked frozen treats - Cool off from the dance floor by indulging in liquor-infused snow cones and alcoholic popsicles in a variety of cocktail-inspired flavors.

10. Milkshake bar - Go retro by letting guests order up their own soda shop classic

What's your favorite wedding dessert idea?

Images via David Precious/Flickr; Flavio/Flickr; Puck Goodfellow/Flickr

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Why do you need to choose between cake or other desserts? We had dessert after our dinner and then cake with a sandwich buffet later in the evening. That's traditional. The only time I've been served wedding cake as dessert was when the wedding was very small, about twenty five guests, and the reception was just a dinner. If the guests are only going to be there for a couple of hours then that's fine but if you're having a full reception you need to spread out the food. Our wedding breakfast was served about 4:30 and that included a buffet meal and a dessert buffet. After that the dancing started and we had the sandwich buffet, cake, and coffee about 10pm which sat out until about 11:30 when things started winding down.

Tonya Putnam

My husband and I DJ wedding receptions, and we have seen many different styles over the years.  We have been to a wedding where there was enough cake for every person to have their own cake, to a wedding where there were 50 different desserts plus wedding cake.  We DJ'ed one last month where they had a candy table so guests could make a baggie of candies (M&M's, Andes Mints, etc) to take home as favor, AND a dessert table complete with multiple flavors of mini cupcakes, brownies, oreo calls, and a roast your own S'more station.

nonmember avatar Amado

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
Thanks for providing these details.

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