Creepy Candy Recall May Be Proof the End of the World Is Near

black licorice twistWhen you think of a sketchy food recall, you probably think of meat or maaaybe fruits and veggies (like cough cantaloupes). NOT something as innocent-seeming as candy. But sorry, because I'm about to burst that balloon; now we have to worry about our sweet fix being tainted, too! Ugghhh.

American Licorice Co. has issued a voluntary recall yesterday for one-pound bags of Red Vines Black Licorice Twists with a best before date of February 4, 2013 after analysis by the California Department of Public Health found the treat contained as much as .33 parts per million of lead. In other words, one serving would mean ingesting more than double the "daily limit" of the heavy metal for kids under 6. (Yes, that actually exists. Gross!)

Even if you couldn't care less about licorice, you gotta admit: This is freaky.


Thankfully, no one has reported illness from the licorice (though who knows what short- and long-term effects will go unreported). But still, what's next? Arsenic in jelly beans? Mercury in chocolate bars? Geeze, at this point, I truly wouldn't be surprised ...

If you've ever been preggers, you know that you're not supposed to touch certain foods due to their heavy metal content, which can be toxic to developing organs and may impair neurological development. But even if you're not preggers, eating certain foods can lead to toxicity. I actually found out recently that I have to address abnormally high mercury and arsenic levels likely caused by the fish in my diet. Yep, awesome example of what our oceans are like these days ... But who woulda thunk that CANDY -- aka typically made from "pure" sugar -- would contain heavy metals?!

As someone who actually digs licorice on occasion, this is just so depressing, frustrating, and sickening (potentially, literally). Sure, candy is bad for you in a bevy of other ways, but to think it is actually toxic?! What a bummer. What are we supposed to eat? Guess that in the end, we're all going to die anyway, so what's a little lead between here and there? Ick.

Does news like this drive you nuts?


Image via yoppy/Flickr

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