Restaurant Gives Diner 'Best Butt' Discount & You Won't Believe How Much


ass discountShould you get a discount on your restaurant order just for having a hot badonkadonk? A Reddit user posted a photo of his friend's receipt showing she got one cent off for "Best Butt" and another cent off for "Best Looking." Wow, ass discounts! Who knew that was a thing? Um ... thanks for your two cents?

I don't know if this receipt is real or just a hoax, but if you can write ugly racist comments on a bill, why not compliments? Anyway, if it were a fake, you'd think the faker would have knocked off more than two cents. Unless that's too unrealistic. Maybe that's the going rate for "Best Butts" in the restaurant industry. Now let's talk about what she ordered.

A veggie bowl and fried pickles. And then underneath the order and the ass discount, I see "Meat Is Tasty Tasty Murder." THAT'S IT. I think this is a hoax. I mean, a vegetarian order at a meat-themed restaurant? I think that's part of the joke! Right?

I know you can order veggies at barbecue-type restaurants, but that fried pickles item kind of pushes it over the edge. (OK, fine, supposedly this was at Twitsted Root Burger, which does sell fried pickles and bowls.) And by the way, I don't think I've ever given a restaurant bill this much deep thought. Don't even get me started on whether it's sexist to give ass discounts because if that's what my working day amounts to, I'm just going to go right on home and back to bed. With a pint of ice cream and a bottle of vodka.

Just kidding! That kind of behavior will never get me an ass discount at my favorite restaurant, Grilled Meats Unless You Want Something Vegetarian Also We Fry Pickles. Let me just conclude by saying that if you're charging $7.99 for a bowl of vegetables, there'd better be bacon bits sprinkled on top.

Do you think the ass discount receipt is real or a fake?


Image via Reddit

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ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Aww, can i get a "nice legs" discount? I don't have the best butt. :(

we2an... we2angels

One time I had 'beautiful' written for my name at MC Donald's. That was sweet, made my day. :-)

Laura Jerdak

I am vegetarian and have eaten at steak houses and the like before.  Sometimes you don't have much say in where you are eating.  Not to mention, I don't give a darn if the people around me want a steak.  I'll make do - I've always been able to find something I can eat.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

it is real but its wrong flat out.

So she looks good and if they think your ugly then what its racist to every one else at the diner when she ate. Its a direct insult to all the other patrons in the establishment. Its rude and wrong and just stupid.

1 cent really its an insult. Keep your comments to yourself then when you say the wrong one it will not get you fired.......

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